SOLD Benavente MINT bass exotic buckeye wenge

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    Sep 13, 2012
    Rare MINT 5 string Benavente 5 string bass with exotic woods - zebra and wenge neck thru body, gorgeous highly figured buckeye burl top, matching headstock and mahogany body. Ultra HIGH end craftsmanship is apparent all the way thru. Get any sound you want with practical 3 band active eq and pan knob. Nice comfortable flat feeling Maple fretboard with very well done fully covered pickup covers with wenge edges. (not the cheap covers many low end builders use) I will kick myself for selling this but just not using it. Again it is absolutely MINT - 9.8 out of 10 and is the closest to new you will find. I looked VERY close and found 1 tiny little ding out of view in the bottom edge of the body. If I didn't mention it, you would barely see it. Form fitted case and will be shipped insured with signature required ONLY to the U.S. Bid with confidence as I have over 700 positive feedback on ebay. (look it up) Shipping will be insured with signature required.

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