Benefit Gig - advice please (warning - heavy issues here)

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Peter Squire, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Hi people

    Without wanting to turn this into a TPA-style thread, I would appreciate your wisdom.

    I am hoping to put together a benefit gig featuring our best local bands for a cause that is close to my heart. It's called Beyond Blue and its a non-profit organisation that is trying to combat youth suicide.

    My partner hung himself at the ripe old age of 21, and I can never let go of the grief he left behind.

    But, forgetting that, what advice would you be able to give me on setting up this gig? I already have a lot of contacts for venues, support for backline, promo and stuff

    Is it going to be more pain than gain? (Not that anyone apart from the charity organisation is going to gain)

    Please respond?
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    Jul 11, 2005
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    Okay, well first, at this benifit what are you trying to do. Raise awareness of youth suicide- or raise money for organization. If you're going to raise money, you're going to have to have an etrance fee. My suggestion is making a low entrance fee, and paying the bands a cetain dollar per person they bring and such.

    A list of venues is great, but you need to have the group of local bands, a date they can all play, and a venue they'll all agree on. From hudson (my town) there are 4 "big" bands. Eclyptic, amadeus, motive and run off. We've played a good amount of shows together, and we all know eachothers equipment for the most part and such. But whenever some1 comes to us about playing a show, first question is, what is the venue. For example, my band (eclyptic) hates playing at this club called The Amp (formerly The Voodoo). I would call each bands, and have them send 1 representative, meet for some sort of breakfast, lunch or dinner, and talk how they want to work everything.

    Lastly, at this meeting bring up equipment, nothing is worse than haveing 4 huge bass rigs on stage. Or 10 guitar rigs, or whatever (you get the point). If these local bands know eachother (chances are they do), they probably know there gear. Try to see if they can come to agreeance on one or two different rigs, just to make the night run smoother. From what i've noticed, lots of bands with lots of equipment, means lots of time between sets, meaning the audience looses there interest, and willl even sometimes leave the venue.

    These are all my opinions, and what I've noticed based on being in a band that is playing at the benifit type thing, so take it for what you will.
  3. My band has arranged a few benefit shows the last one was a fund raiser for the hurricane victims. What you are doing is awesome and you are goign the right direction. We held the last one at a local youth center that let us use the venue free for the benefit show. We charged an admission fee($8 I think it was) and we rounded up gear from local companies and our sponsors. Some items were signed and sold by bands, some items were raffled off in a ticket drawing. All the bands playing also agreed that a portion of mearch and CD sales would go into the pot as well. I think we ended up raising a few thousand and everyone had a blast. Definatly a good time. We picked all the bands that played that all knew each other, we shared most of the gear that night as well to keep things easy.

    Contact all those companies, and venues and see who will let you hold it for free and who can donate for the show, many are willing to help for a cause. Good Luck.
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