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Benjamin Orr -- The Cars -- RIP

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by jcadmus, Oct 11, 2000.

  1. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000

    Don't know how we missed this, but another of our brethren has passed away.

    Rock Musician Benjamin Orr Dies

    ATLANTA (AP) - Benjamin Orr, the bass player of the
    popular 1980s group The Cars who also sang some of the
    band's most popular songs, died Tuesday (10/3)of pancreatic
    cancer. He was 53.

    Orr died at his Atlanta home, said Billy Johnson, manager
    of the musician's current band, Big People. Orr was diagnosed with the disease in May.

    Orr, born Benjamin Orzechowski in Cleveland, formed The Cars in Boston in 1976 with fellow Ohio native Ric Ocasek.

    Orr sang lead vocals on several of the band's hits, including ``Drive'' and ``Just What I Needed.'' After the band dissolved in 1987, Orr recorded a solo album, ``The Lace,'' which produced the hit, ``Stay the Night.''

    Recently, Orr had toured with the band Orr, as well as The Voices of Classic Rock and Atlanta-based group Big
    People. Orr remained active with the band and had performed three shows last month in Alaska.

    Big People will dedicate Friday's performance in Atlanta to Orr.

    ``They've decided to go through with it and there will be some kind of tribute to him,'' Johnson said.

    Orr had also reunited with his former Cars mates for a documentary titled, ``The Cars Live.'' Rhino Home Video
    plans to release the production in November with part of the proceeds going to the National Pancreas Foundation.

    Orr will be cremated this week after a private service in Atlanta. Johnson said a public memorial service in
    Cleveland is being planned.
  2. Not only did Ben Orr die, but so did Allman Brothers Band, and Government Mule bassist Allen Woody. Read the following......

    "News Items: Gov't Mule Bassist Woody Dead at Forty-four
    Gov't Mule Bassist Woody Dead at Forty-four
    Allen Woody found dead in New York hotel room

    August 29, 2000
    New York, NY -- Gov't Mule bassist Allen Woody was found dead in a Queens, N.Y., hotel room on Saturday Aug. 26; he was forty-four. The exact time of death has yet to be determined, but he was discovered by a chambermaid at the Courtyard LaGuardia in East Elmhurst and is believed to have died in his sleep late Friday night or early Saturday morning. An investigation to determine the cause of death is still pending.
    Woody had previously played bass for the Allman Brothers Band, joining the legendary Southern jam band along with guitarist Warren Haynes for the comeback album, Seven Turns. After appearing on two live ABB albums and three additional studio efforts, Haynes and Woody turned a sideproject, Gov't Mule, into a full-time recording and touring unit. The
    Southern-fried power-trio built a hard-rocking, jam-band following based on their incendiary live performances. They also recorded five albums, including this year's Life Before Insanity and the double-live album Live With a Little Help From Our Friends last year.
    "The hearts and prayers of the Allman Brothers Band, their management and extended family are with [Allen's family] and with Allen as his journey continues," reads a statement on the Allman's official Web site.
    Woody is survived by his wife Jenny and his daughter Savannah. Capricorn asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Savannah Woody Educational Fund, c/o Hard Head Management, P.O. Box 651, Village Station, New York, N.Y. 10014."
    Written by ANDREW DANSBY for RollingStone.com News

    [Edited by Herm on 10-11-2000 at 10:42 AM]

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