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Bent End Pin VS. Sitting

Discussion in 'Ask Lynn Seaton' started by PocketGroove82, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. PocketGroove82


    Oct 18, 2006
    Hi Lynn,

    How's the fall semester treating ya? I hope that gum isn't tasting too bad...I know the mints taste like rotten Altoids. :spit:

    I had a question for you because recently I've been lazy (err...experimenting?) and using a stool while I practice with the bow. This is a first for me since I've heard that sitting can hurt your back, and after years of E. Bass, my back already feels like garbage. Interestingly, I do find that it "opens the bass" up and the bow feels easier to control, like there are less things to go wrong and less things demanding my awareness. It just feels easier.
    Anyways, I've heard you and other Rabbathians say the bent end pin accomplishes this, and I felt it when you loaned me your Kay, but I also remember you saying that playing on a stool screwed up your back.

    I'm beginning to see how a bent end pin or stool can really make arco work easier, but I'm interested to know how standing with a bent end pin is better for your back than sitting on a stool. Can you please clarify this for me? I've noticed that your standing posture is entirely different from every other bass player I've seen.

  2. Lynn Seaton

    Lynn Seaton Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    Denton, TX
    Hi Matt,
    The angle of the doublebass with the Rabbath stance and sitting on a stool are similar. With that angle, it is easier to use arm weight for arco and the left hand. It was a long time ago that I had back pain while sitting on the stool. Old pictures reveal that I was not sitting up straight with good posture at that time, so it was probably a major factor for my back problems. There are MANY great players (especially classical) that sit on a stool and have no problems. Therefore I feel it is a choice to stand or sit. It is recommended that you be consistent with whatever choice you make so the muscle memory for pitch remains constatnt. The bottom line for sitting or standing is to have good posture with the head centered as much as possible and the back not curved or crouched over.
  3. PocketGroove82


    Oct 18, 2006
    Thanks for the response, Lynn. I'll be keeping those things in mind while sitting, and I think I'll probably just end up getting a bent end pin here sooner or later.


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