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  1. Hi guys,
    My instrument is a Ibanez BTB 6 strings.

    I finally realized that in order to obtain the full spectrum of notes off a 6 strings bass you need an amp that is compatible with active pickups.
    I was about to add an 10 keys equalizer to a Peavey centurion 200 on my former bass head on a Peavey Bass cabinet, BW equipped with 1-15" and 2-10".

    My problem was low frequencies like the E and B strings sounded great. But if I would go up to the C and F string, sound was no longer present kinda mute and no sustain.
    Besides using a BOSS Compressor/Expander it helped but still not 100%.
    Obviously I will never go back to old school bass amps as I know better now to "update and upgrade" myself, since I moved out of the "passive" pickups of once...

    Any suggestions or comments to help my dilemma ? The Benz Genz will be tried out on my next play in a few days and will re-post my impressions of this new amp which I am splitting the audio signal between the built in speakers and the Peavey Cabinet.
    The Century Amp is gone, sold... traded it against the Benz Genz.,
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