SOLD Bergantino AE212 Cab

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    Clean, lightly-gigged Bergantino AE212 cab available.

    I could only find a few dings along the bottom as shown in the front pic, and one small ding on the back as shown in the second photo. There is one other really small one that I couldn’t get to show up in a photo.

    I am pricing this cab quite a bit lower than other AE212s have sold for recently because I’d much prefer to do a quick, easy local sale or trade. I don’t have a shipping box for this and don’t really want to deal with shipping.

    I am near Oakland, CA. If you are local, come get a great deal on a great cab!

    I do have the padded cover for the cab, though it’s a little beat up (that’s what covers are for, right?).

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  4. 4 ohms
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    Jun 25, 2002
    Rome, GA
    I’ll be in the area next weekend, but have to fly back to MI. Need to find out about the cost of transporting this cab back on an airplane. Any ideas?
  6. No, sorry, I have no idea. I think it weighs about 55 lbs if that helps. The specs and dimensions are available on the Bergantino website, so you could check with the airline about doing it as oversized baggage or something.