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Bergantino AE410 or Epifani UL410?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by davidjbass, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Sorry to repost this question again but I would like to hear from the owners of these cabs and get thier opinions on which one has the better bass response. I know the UL 410 is a bigger cab and bigger cabs tend to have more bass response. And I have tried a UL 410 and liked it. But I have yet to try an AE410. My situation is that I play in a real loud rock cover band. And I need to push low end because sometimes we use our own P.A. system at gigs and I do not go through it. So its up to my amp to move the air. I am using a Mark Bass Little Mark II right now going through an Ampeg SVT 410 HLF. Which weighs about 110 pounds. And it is brutal on my back. So I need to get a light weight cab that is 4 ohms. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  2. TonyP-

    TonyP- Excuse me but you have your I-IV-V in my II-V-I Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    Boston Mass
    A-Designs Audio Mike Lull Custom Guitars Gallien Krueger amplification Tsunami Cables GHS Strings RMI Basswitch Nordstrand Pickups Darkglass Electronics
    Berg ..... :D
  3. Gee, I wonder whether KJung has an opinion on this ?

    (My apologies, Ken. I couldn't resist.)

    Bluesy Soul :cool:
  4. TonyP-

    TonyP- Excuse me but you have your I-IV-V in my II-V-I Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    Boston Mass
    A-Designs Audio Mike Lull Custom Guitars Gallien Krueger amplification Tsunami Cables GHS Strings RMI Basswitch Nordstrand Pickups Darkglass Electronics
    Dave in all seriousness I had this same question a while ago.

    I'm very happy with the Berg.

    If you get back into the Boston area I still have the MB I picked up form you. Your more then welcome to come over and check it out for yourself.
  5. :D I've posted on this too much. For your playing context and tone goals, it would be the Berg all the way for me. If you were able to deal with a little more weight, I'd recommend the HS410 even more, given your goal of 'punchy rock type tone'.

    Given the recent change in weight spec for the Epi UL's (the spec on the 410UL increased to 67 pounds, which is heavier than the AE410 now), the HS410 is not really that heavy, and still about 25 pounds lighter than your Ampeg, and only 16" deep.

    However, if punch and lightweight are key, the AE410 rules and is a wonderful match with any of the MB heads IMO and IME.
  6. No you haven't. I was just being a smart**s. :D
    (You've heard the saying: "Everyone wants more **s, but no one needs a smart**s.")

    Your posts are articulate. Your positions are consistent. You generally speak from expereience. And when you don't actually own or haven't tried the equipment in question, you properly qualify and temper your comments.

    If I were posing the OP's question, your opinion is the first one I'd seek.

    Bluesy Soul :cool:
  7. Thanks Kjung and Basswave. Basswave I might take you up on you offer.
  8. TonyP-

    TonyP- Excuse me but you have your I-IV-V in my II-V-I Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    Boston Mass
    A-Designs Audio Mike Lull Custom Guitars Gallien Krueger amplification Tsunami Cables GHS Strings RMI Basswitch Nordstrand Pickups Darkglass Electronics
    Anytime Stud...

    Just let me know.
  9. Bassist30

    Bassist30 Supporting Member

    Mar 19, 2004
    You think the Bergs have more bottom end? Im not sure what he meant by Bass Respnse but Im thinking more bottom end. I thought you related the UL 410 as having more bottom end. Im not questioning your response I have an AE 410 also.
  10. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    i'm a little surprised you liked the epifani, only cause you're an HLF owner, and they couldnt be anymore different. if you're used to that HLF, the berg'll be like that but with waaaaaaaay more detail and articulation. like taking a blanket off your HLF cab.

    the voicing of the berg is closer to the ol' classic big fat lower mid to low end push, but also having the sweetest flippin high end you'll ever hear in a high priced cab. the epifani on the other hand tends to be a bit more even sounding to me, and not have those crazy frequency exaggerations.

    the berg isnt necessarily capable of more bottom end, but it is more exaggerated. both cabs can achieve a fat big sound underneath. the berg just happens to already be voiced like that outta the box. still, if you want to add more bass via your amp, the epifani will eat it up and spit it back out better than the most.
  11. SanDiegoHarry

    SanDiegoHarry Banned Supporting Member

    Aug 11, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    I've heard both and am happy I bought my Epiphani - but I didn't get the UL, I got the big-old backbreaking 4x10... But lord it sounds good...
  12. The Epi has WAY more deep low end than the AE410. However, IMO, classic rock and more aggressive rock playing is all about the low mids, and the upper mid grit and growl to my ear, versus the deep lows, polite mids, and pristine upper treble of the Epifani. They are both GREAT cabs, and I love them both for what they are.

    My oversimplified example is that, all other things being equal, the Epifani brings Marcus Miller to mind, while the Berg AE410 brings Flea to mind, with the 410UL being punchy, but in a clean, deep, pure, wide, crisp way, with thundering lows and sweet, sizzly top end if you want it. The AE410 is kind of like the Epi squeezed in a vice... it's all about BIG upper bass, low mid push, and a grindy, aggressive upper mid/lower treble response versus sizzle.

    IMO, and of course, based primarily on my J Bass type instruments and clean SS amplification.
  13. By meaning more bottom I meant more bass. Low end. And I am only thinking of the UL because I played through it. I have heard many great things about the AE. And to be honest I like that fact that it is smaller in size than the UL. I also like the fact that they are made about 45 minutes from where I live. I have one coming into a store on Monday and I am going to try it.
  14. albass111


    Feb 13, 2006
    Los Angeles, CA
    I think the HLF is a pretty amazing cab. It puts out more sound and low end then almost any other 410 I've tried. It was my main cab for a few years but yes, it is cumbersome. I didn't really like the UL410 for rock, or overall volume and I sold mine.

    I'd second trying the Berg HS410. Even though it is heavy, it's pretty easy to move around. I also had an HT322 which sounds GREAT with a LMII. I"ve seen these cabs cheap lately.

    I haven't had the opportunity to try the Berg AE series, but as a former HLF owner, I can see you not liking the epifani UL410. Now the PS on the other hand.... It's loud and pillowy but you won't gain much ease of transport.

    I still think that the 410HLF is one of the best stand alone cabs for rock.
  15. I agree with you on the HLF. It has always served me well. And it's loud. But it's big and heavy. Time to go lighter and smaller.
  16. I have both the ul410(I) and the AE410. I love them both, but I'd go for the AE410 ALL THE WAY!!! I'm coming from the same background as yourself...I need ALOT of low end push in a loud rock band(sometimes no PA support), but I also need the mids to cut. The AE410 just cuts it for me! Paired with the right amp/eq, the AE410, IMO 'sounds' bigger in the mix. My ul410 gets lost in the rock setting at times. It's a great cab, and it sounds great up til a certain point. Then, at extreme volume, it compresses and the low end seems to drop off. This is completely normal, and what any high quality cab should do, instead of blowing out the speakers or farting. I've pushed both of these cabs to the limits many times, and the AE410 can seem bigger, punchier and louder at extreme volume levels because of it's low mid push. It just seems to hold it together longer, at higher volumes that a rock band setting with no PA support would demand.
  17. Coelho


    May 10, 2006
    Astoria, NY
    Go Berg.
  18. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    I've owned the UL410 series I and also used with my LMII and B1500. I now own an AE410 but only a week and a couple days. So far I like everything about the Berg better for my needs. I've only had one low volume gig with it so I don't have much live gigging experience yet which is most important to me. I'm confident I'll be very pleased. My application is a 6pc band with horns, blues, rock, motown, but my style and taste is more rock. Ken, Dominic, Gary, TomB all helped me make a confident purchase of the AE.

    I was learning a couple Chili Peppers tunes earlier tonight and at a very low volume in my practice room I nailed the Flea tone and a few chops taboot. I know Gary has mentioned how phenomenal this cab sounds at low volume too and he's so right. Just sounds fantastic to me.
  19. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    interesting that the HS410 is coming up too, cause for rock, it does indeed rock. while the ae410 is thick and chewy with more lower mids, the hs410 is steely and pounding with less lower mids, but a stronger tighter feeling lower low end.

    either cab would kick out the jams.

  20. Which Berg would cut through a heavy mix better?

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