Bergantino, Ampeg, GK FS

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  1. Team,

    The micro revolution has captured me so I'm selling some of my gear that is no longer in the rotation. Trades are possible for Genz STL or Uber

    Bergantino NV215 $800 I bought this cab from a fellow TBer it is in great shape and comes with padded cover. NO SHIPPING, sorry

    GK Fusion 550 $600 (shipped). I'm the original owner. Great shape. Was my main gigging amp for awhile. Foot switch included.

    Ampeg SVT410 HE 8ohm cab. $275.00 good shape no issues. NO SHIPPING!

    I'm in Orange County, CA. Please contact me through email if interested. I travel quite a bit for work and will be able to send pix via email if you are interested. [email protected] If you email me Ill get right back to you if you PM or post on TB it could take a little time for me to get back to you. Sorry, schedule is very tight. Thanks ......

  2. Monday Bump....
  3. Dee-man

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    Apr 6, 2004
    SF Bay Area
    Is this the tolex version? Planning any trips to NorCal?
  4. Yes it is the tolex version...The wife and I will be in Napa at the end of Jan. Don't know if she would go for me schlepping a bass cab. If it's still around I run it past her.....
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