Bergantino CN212: Your take on it

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  1. Marial

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Thinking about what to pair the new Demeter 800 head with and it's come down to either a Berg CN212 or a mirrored pair of fEARful 12/6s (or maybe a fEARless), and I'm leaning towards the Berg. According to their website the CN212 is 42 lbs which meets my weight requirement, so what I'm curious about now is what they sound like.

    Obviously, a great deal of that has to do with what amp and what bass are being used, but cabinets still have a character of their own. Dark, light, woofy, focused, deep, warm, etc. For instance, the Classic SVT 410HFL that I had was dark, a little boomy, but still kind of sterile sounding. So I'm looking for user experience with the Berg. Thanks!
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    May 8, 2007
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    There's a rather long thread here on TB about that specific Berg cab. Run a google search on it with talkbass and see what pops up.
  3. Do your homework. TONS of posts and threads on these cabs.

    The tonality of the CN212 and the fEARfuls are totally, completely different. It would be almost impossible for a player to not have a strong preference for one or the other. I GREATLY prefer the CN212.... great sensitivity, a beautifully voiced low end, nice present mids, and one of the best transitions from top of the woofer to tweeter I've experienced (nice and paper cone sounding all the way up into the upper treble). Warm, punchy, uber articulate and complex in the midrange. Probably the exact opposite of the Ampeg cab you mention.

    The fEARless cabs are quite nice (I'd stay away from the fEARfuls myself, at least for most players), but are much more relaxed in the mid mids, less low mid punch, and a brighter upper midrange response. Very clean and clear and 'big' sounding, versus the punch and warmth and midrange complexity of the CN212.

    Neither of these cabs can be EQ'd to sound similar.
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  4. CL400Peavey

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    Nov 7, 2011
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    Ken which fEARless cabs have you demo'ed?
  5. nutdog


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    It doesn't suck.
  6. Dave W

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    Mar 1, 2007
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    I agree with what Ken said about the Berg. It's my favorite cab, I love mine.
  7. wcriley


    Apr 5, 2010
    Western PA
    I've never seen a Berg cabinet out here in the boonies, let alone used one. And I'm obviously not "most players". But I've been quite happy with my fEARful 12/6s for the past four years. The overall versatility and especially the Alpha mid driver suits my tastes quite well. I also like being able to take one or both boxes depending on the situation.
  8. Marial

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    Apr 8, 2011
    I went through the giant, 107 page thread, and I think the CN might be the way to go for me, but it's really going to come down to trying one. I've tried a 12/6 and while I liked it, I found it VERY mid present, at least with my Pentabuzz through an SVT 4 Pro. I'm looking for more warmth.

    Btw, the internal search function sucks, I did run a search, but as the second poster indicated, a Google search took me directly to the big thread on this cab. Anyhow, thank you for the input!
  9. CL400Peavey

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    Nov 7, 2011
    Grand Rapids Michigan
    There are three different mid drivers for the fEARful 12/6 cabs. Depending on which one you tried, and how the cross over was implemented, you may not have had it set up optimally for your test. If it had the 18sound mid driver and it was not padded back (non padded would be for use with an additional 12sub) to match a single 3012LF it would have been very mid present.

    I was quite happy with my 12/6/1's with the Alphalite mid drivers. If you had concerns, the fEARless line offers mid drivers with switchable voicings. One is "greenboy" and the other is "upright friendly" which equates to being a more traditional sounding cab.

    For reference, I have actually had the oppertunity to A/B/C all three of greenboy's 112's, and they are all different, but very good.
  10. Marial

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    Apr 8, 2011
    The owner did not know the exact specs of the 12/6 I tried out, but I believe it was the standard Speaker Hardware flat pack kit. I don't know how the cross over was implemented or whether it was padded properly. Hopefully there will be both a 12/6 and a CN212 at the Seattle GTG on the 30th so I can test both out.

    Ed Friedlund's recent words on the fEARless 112 have me a little intrigued took, but I suspect the CN212 is the one. I need to try one, and then hopefully someone will post a review of how it matches with the new Demeter 800 head.
  11. CL400Peavey

    CL400Peavey Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2011
    Grand Rapids Michigan
    Ed has posted that the F112 surpasses his Uber 212 in volume and tone. High praises from him.
  12. With the somewhat limited EQ control on the new Demeter head, along with the slight midrange scoop baked in (as reported by those who have tried it), I would think the CN212 would be a very nice match for you. I would guess (from my experience with the Monique/Minnie800 and the CN212) that it will sound pretty nice right out of the box, as long as you like nice warm mid mids, a nice low mid 'meat' to your tone (that 'sit in the mix' low end that mirrors many post production CD mixes in pop and rock music) and a present top end that isn't sizzly or metallic (i.e., not super extended into the upper treble regions).

    That power section matches up very well with the 4ohm CN212 also. Fat, loud and open. I would assume that power section would also sound quite nice at 8ohms driving a 3012LF loaded box also.
  13. Marial

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    Apr 8, 2011
    That's pretty much my take. Articulate warmth with clarity is what I'm after. I absolutely detest brittle top end and sterility. What's been interesting in going through the big thread is how a lot of folks, you included, describe it as having big 'wump'. Others lauded its fat, round, low end, and yet it's not recommended if you want big, deep, lows.

    I'm coming from an Ashdown ABM Evo II 210 combo, which is pretty round, dark, and deep, but unfocused and woofy to my ears, I *think* the CN212 ought to get me where I want to be.
  14. Yeah, the low end of the CN212 is focused more in the upper bass and lower mids... the 'fat and punch' of a bass tone (for example, the Ampeg fridge takes that to an extreme). So, enough deep low end that you can still hear some of the fundamental on the lower notes of a B string, but not that 'subwoofer' type undefined low end rumble (which is also cool for some context).

    Also, +1 that a spikey upper midrange response is a fate worse than death for me. That is midrange that many (including me) would rather see dipped a bit. I focus on getting my tone and articulation from nice, warm mid mids that are not covered up by a high ratio of deep bass extension versus, again, that round, big sounding upper bass, low midrange.

    Put another way, I try to achieve a live tone that is more similar to hearing a bass on a nicely mastered CD, versus trying to emulate that 'super low bass, super bright top end' that comes out of many front of house mixes.

    Both tone goals have their positives... just depends what you want and what kind of contexts in which you perform.
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  15. Marial

    Marial weapons-grade plum Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 8, 2011
    Excellent, sounds like we have very similar tastes in tone and the CN212 is the way to go. Thanks!
  16. MKA


    Apr 14, 2012
    Northern Europe
    It's funny how these days people seem to think first about weight of the gear they are going to get and only after that the sound... :bag:

    But anyways, if you thought that ampeg 410HFL sounded "sterile", I think that you would find the berg cn even more sterile, at least I did.

    For the sound goal you are describing I'd get the Berg HD212 instead (and I did ;) )
  17. No compromise on tone with weight these days... none. That being said, if you want a bit more low end extension, and smoother, more relaxed midrange, with a bit more space between the top of the driver and the tweeter, the HD212 would make you happy for sure. There is a reason that both series are in Jim's cab line-up. They do sound a bit different for sure.

    'Sterile' to me usually means a lack of distortion (i.e., so clean and accurate that it sounds kind of lifeless). By that definition, nothing in the CN, HD or NV lines sound in any way 'sterile'. However, that is a term that means different things to different people. The Faital based CN line (at least I've been told they are Faital Pro based, with Jim's OEM tweaks) are among the warmest cabs I've experienced... especially up top. IMO and IME there.

    Edit: To the OP, if you are looking for a smaller, single 12 cab that can handle up to a moderate size/volume gig by itself, the Baer ML112 is pretty cool. Roger uses an OEM modified 3012HO driver (modified for more low end and smoother upper mids) and a wonderful sounding Faital mid driver, crossed over relatively high. Not quite the treble extension of the CN cabs, and a bit more 'brightness', but definitely in the same tonal universe. VERY impressive cab... punchy, warm, articulate, with a very present but natural top end (VERY nice mid driver). Might be worth a look. It will give you maybe 2/3rds of the CN212 volume/low end, which is pretty impressive for a single 12. Of course, it actually has a larger footprint than the CN212, and isn't that much smaller or lighter. However, is absolute size and weight are key, and you don't need to massively wump, pretty nice box!
  18. Marial

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Well, I've had back surgery and while, despite being asked how I felt about being 'so old' and having my first child last week, I'm not *that* old, but I'm certainly not getting any younger. Weight is definitely an issue. Given that the HD is 30 lbs heavier than the CN, I'm sure I can work with EQ to get the CN where I want it to be.
  19. phishaholik

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    Aug 20, 2005
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    Hi Ken,

    Are you sure that they are Faital drivers? I've heard in a few reviews that they were custom Eminence drivers...just curious.

    I'm going to a local shop this weekend to try out and buy a CN212 this weekend. I'm really, really looking forward to it.

  20. Marial

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Given that it's not really all that smaller or lighter, I don't really see any reason to go with the Baer rather than the CN212. And, if I do play larger venues I'll be ready. :bassist: