Bergantino EX112 as primary cab

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  1. Relayer59


    Feb 23, 2007
    I had been looking for a much more portable (i.e., won't hurt my back and easily fits in the back seat of the car) cab to use for rehearsals and smaller gigs. Read several great reviews on the Berg EX112, but they mostly mention it as an extension speaker for use with the HT112 (w/ tweeter). I don't really care for tweets as I play more old-school finger style and find that I get an annoying "clackiness" from them. At any rate, I took a leap of faith and bought a stand alone EX112 and I have been very impressed. The punch, clarity and fullness is "not to be believed/amazing" from such a compact and simple cab.

    I normally play through 2 or 1 Eden 115's, depending on the room size, but I doubt I'll ever play the 1 115 rig again. The EX112 simply blows it away. It's every bit as loud and clean, but with a more compressed and tight punch. It's funny because it looks like a little "toy" amp/cab rig along with my Eden WT-300, but when you hear it....oh my!!! Close your eyes and you'd think it was twice as big and powerful. Anyone else have any experience with a similar setup? I could not be happier with mine. :hyper:
  2. I got a little Patterson Audio 1x10 coaxial speaker cab that I primarily bought as an ultra-portable, small gig cab. I've been using it under my Markbass LMK and I keep bringing it to bigger and bigger shows. For all but my loudest bar stuff, I have found that the 1x10 works perfectly and sounds great! Of course, I make sure to elevate it on a chair or stool so that I can hear it better, and I almost always have PA support. It's so nice to walk into a gig with all my gear at once and still have a free hand to open doors or shove people out of the way.
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    Jul 31, 2002
    USA, Montana
    The Berg's continue to amaze me. I've been GAS free for some time now with my Bergantino rig.

    Congrats on your discovery. :D
  4. Relayer59


    Feb 23, 2007 is one of the better discoveries I've made in quite some time! I'm actually thinking about getting a second EX112 and dumping the two Eden 115's. Don't get me wrong..I have always loved the Edens, but this little Berg is THE bomb.

    I got extremely positive and unsolicited comments from 2 guitarists and 1 very well respected bass player just last night. The tone and clarity is just amazing...the small size is just a huge bonus.