Bergantino fans, please lend some advice

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  1. Relayer59


    Feb 23, 2007
    I already have a Berg EX112 (which I love even as is) that I would like to grow into a mini stack. Here are my two options and the questions on them:

    1 - (the most expensive option) Get an IP112. If I do that, I get 1000W at 4 ohms and have heard great things about the combination. What are the best tube pre amps for that setup?

    2 - Get either another EX112 or a HT112ER. I don't really care for tweeters in general and love the EX112 just as is, so even though the "classic" Berg mini rig is the HT112 + EX112, I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't be just as happy with EX112 + EX112..can you? So, with that, I would simply use my existing Eden WT-1000 in bridged mono for 1000W at 4 ohms and my WT-300 as the pre amp.

    Please feel free to comment on which of the two systems you'd op for. Think "money is no object" and then also, "money is an issue and I already have the above mentioned amps." Thanks! :cool:
  2. jazzenfunk

    jazzenfunk Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2006
    bay area
    pm sent. If you can afford the ip112, you will never get a better sound quality, plus you can just turn the tweeter off if you want.
  3. I am not as impressed with the IP112 as others.. heavy, and the small box does not seem to take full advantage of that power amp, DSP, etc. as the IP310. And, just too many threads and posts of guys searching and searching for a preamp that gives them the 'sound they want' with the right gain matching, etc.

    I would think another EX112 would be a wonderful way to go, and IMO your WT300 could pretty much drive that stack to 'full volume' without even using your power amp.

    That being said, I would actually consider finding a used HT112 (they come up all the time used). The tweeter on that particular Berg cab is very subtle and smooth. With the EX112 and the HT112 with just a touch of tweeter engaged, and your WT-300, you would have a very, very nice small modular rig. If you then wanted to throw around some cash, consider getting a WT550 or Markbass F1 for more power and you'd be set for life.

  4. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    The HT cabs are phenomenal, and I would definitely advocate an HT112. I have an HT212, and I was not a tweeter guy until I played through that cab. It's so smooth, and not harsh at all. It's just great.
  5. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    I am successfully gigging and recording with an IP112 and EX112. The IP112 is enough in so many situations that the EX has to wait. I bring it anyway sometimes because together they are amazing. Nothing sounds like the IPs. They just sound so good.
    Pre searches have been done. Most of the gain matching issues have been because we bassists plugged anything with an XLR out on it into the IPs and expected them to work. High and real low end Channel Strips, DIs, pre outs of heads and Kitchen sinks. I tried all of these. They sorta work :meh: until you use what they were designed for. The minute I plugged in a dedicated bass pre I was in heaven. At the time it was the Demeter HPB-1. I have moved on because there are two pres that do it better for me. The Kern and the Glock.
    Heavy? Not to me. For what it can do and it is tiny. It takes the full frequency response of a Roscoe5 with an AG pre and just kicks. This is all IMHO.
    Hearing them is your only real test though. We are just talkin' here.
  6. Do you mean an AGC pre?
    I use mine with an Avalon U5 and my main bass has an ACG pre, being as it's an ACG bass.
    Unless you mean an Aguilar pre.
  7. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    I use an onboard Aguilar OPB-3 pre in my Roscoe 5.
    Preamps into the IP: a Summit TD-100 but mostly the Kern IP777 or the Glock BAC.
    KJung speaks the truth that if you try all those sorta pres., pedals and such and they actually don't have the appropriate voltage output you'll get some sound but end up with gain mismatches etc. and ultimately unsatisfied.
    Hey there K.
  8. Joshua

    Joshua WJWJr Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 23, 2000
    What he says.^^^

    The IP112 all by itself is amazing, and paired with the EX112 makes one heckuva modular rig....
  9. Relayer59


    Feb 23, 2007
    Thanks for all of the the great info!
  10. IP...Period... I have had the Mini Stack with a T-Funk, DB750, HBP-1/QSC/CREST/CROWN rigs...Loved them all. I got an IP212 and it crushed everything I ever had. I tried it with many different pres and it was GOOD on all of them, fantastic with a few, and AWESOME with my NEVE 8801....It was so good I HAD to try an IP310 since I am a 10s guy. I was amazed by them both and would be happy with either. I kept the IP310 because it was newer, had a little more definition in the bottom, and was just tighter overall. I didn't want to take a beating on resale so it was just a question of logic. In the end it could have easily been a coin toss for me. I currently do not own ANY other speakers or amps and frankly have no desire for anything else. MY GAS IS SATIATED!!!! I use my Neve 8801 as my primary pre but I also have a Universal Audio 6176 that i use with it on occasion that sounds wonderful as well so I don't get the whole "preamp problem". IME it has been a non issue. Granted I am using some pretty high end gear but just in my experience I have not had any issues at all.


  11. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    I am gas free.
    Seriously they don't do anything wrong for me. There is no, "they are great if only they didn't....". Actually every gig they surprise me by sounding the same all night and doing everything my expanding musicality can throw at them. I don't expect you to believe any of us. Just play them and you decide. I thought generic 12"er was the best thing out their but it wasn't after I tried the IP112 and the generic was really good. I am a late adopter too as I thought it wasn't all that when I heard it. I love the IP310 after the third time I played it. In the beginning shop owners were also hooking up weird stuff and it didn't always work. I hooked up a TRS between the Kern and the IP112 and it sounded like dog doo. Used Jim's supplied cable and it's heaven. The Kern doesn't like the TRS just a TS. I could have blamed the IP, and I did for a moment because the Kern always sounded good.

    Now if Jim makes an IP powered car I will return to be one of the gassy ones until I get one.:)
  12. babaseen

    babaseen Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2001
    Boston, MA
    This is a good thread but as a Berg IP112 user, I'm sort of hearing that the Kern is a great match up with the Berg IP series, maybe better with the 310 rather than the 112.:eyebrow:
  13. Pako

    Pako Are we having fun yet?

    Jul 31, 2002
    USA, Montana
    I've been using that mini-stack of doom for some time now and am gas free. I even had a IP310 for a while but sold it as the IP112/EX112 was more versatile for my needs. I'm using a Demeter HPB-1 pre that gives me a nice transparent sound but gives me more of what the IP112 sounds like. Some gigs I show up with the just IP112, but I usually pack both cabs on my little collapsible cart. I can walk into a gig in one trip and have all the tone and volume I would ever need. Your needs may differ, but it's a sweet setup that I can't imagine gigging without.
  14. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    No, the Kern is just good. For my ears the IP112 can just have an old school perfect bass sound. Yet clear. The Kern has this too. Often since I have both I put the SS Glock on the IP112 to bring out more clarity. Particularly with a Guild Ashbory. If you can get a Kern and you have an IP112 do it because I'm talking a subtle difference because I can compare.
    In a big room or outside I prefer the Kern anyway because of the fatness it imparts. It's so clean though that it's as good as many lesser SS units at sounding SS. It is tubey though.:) Confused?

  15. I find this hard to believe.;)
  16. :D:cool::bag::smug:
  17. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Played an outside gig w/ Sammy Hey Girl and the Fine Young Segovians.
    It was on a deck which was 2nd story to the rear yard facing a barn full of pottery and overlooking a pottery throwing demo below. Our fans old and new and pottery folks were sitting, viewing the demo or strolling around the beautiful acreage with garden, fig trees and guinea hens.

    Two JBL Eon 15s doing the reinforcement for two acoustic guitarists mandolin with three vocals. We do everything from originals to Stevie Wonder. No bass in the PA of course. I played a Roscoe 5 through an IP112 and EX112 with a Glock Bac pre on top. OMG. Just wonderful. Full clear deep and always headroom to spare. Every tone was available with no knob twittling. Even a aggressive cranked amp tone just by finger attack. If you can ever try the IPs and you haven't do.
    I was one of the folks who became a late adopter of the IP112. It just didn't do it for me when I first heard it. I preferred the EA Cxl112. I did however after using the proper cables between the pre and the IP, using a dedicated bass pre, heeding Jim's advice about not cranking bass like we all may have been used to, found them to be amazing.
  18. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I like the ht112 and the ex112, but if you want to take full advantage of the wt1000, then I suggest you find a speaker cab that has more "balls" (low end), maybe aguilar or mesa boogie ....or eden....

    I love eden amps and own berg and aguilar.....
  19. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Had another gig in a restaurant/wine bar. Same band, "Sammy Hey Girl". Used just the IP112 with the Glock BAC pre.
    When we say an amp sounds good here on TB we can mean that it has such a distinct sonic signature or coloration that it sounds good anywhere with any bass.
    When I say an IP112 sounds good I mean something different.
    It really reproduces whatever technique you put into it. My singers hear me strum my finger nails over the strings as an accent even though it's not even as loud as the big boom in the chorus. Muted 8ths in walking jump blues are reproduced as equally well as large reggae dub, or "Who" like grandiose chords. It's a pro piece in that it doesn't limit in anyway, one's expression.