SOLD Bergantino HDN 112 Excellent condition, With Cover

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    Bergantino HDN 112 like new, with OEM padded Cover

    Excellent stand alone cab for many situations, or as a modular setup combined with another cab, which is what I originally got this for.

    My living situation is about to change, and I need to downsize! Right now I have quite the Bergie pile: 6 newer Bergantino Cabs (HDN212, HG410, two HDN112's, HDN210, and an NXT112)
    Ships in original carton from 95062, willing pay half of shipping costs up to $100, buyer responsible for shipping beyond that. Local pickup possible in Santa Cruz, CA

    Here are the specs from Bergantino site:

    • Woofer: 1-12” Neodymium Magnet Woofer
    • Tweeter: High Intelligibility HDN Series Tweeter
    • Cabinet Design: Ported
    • Cabinet Material: Lightweight Italian Poplar w/ Baltic birch baffle
    • Cabinet Covering: Black Bronco Tolex
    • Impedance: 8-ohms
    • Power Handling: 350W RMS
    • Crossover: Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover w/ Tweeter Control
    • Frequency Response: 40hZ – 12KhZ
    • Sensitivity: 98db @ 2.83v / 1-meter
    • Dimensions: 16-1/4”H x 18-1/2”W x 15”D
    • Weight: 28 Lbs
    • hdn112TB2.JPG Berghdn112TB.jpeg 20211020_130303.jpg 20211020_125402.jpg 20211020_125402 - Copy.jpg 20211020_125259 - Copy.jpg 20211020_125643.jpg 20211020_125721.jpg 20211020_125334.jpg
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    How does the HDN 112 compare to the NXT 112? From the photo of the cover it appears to have a strap handle on the side, correct?
  3. rlvandine

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    Oct 7, 2008
    Yes you're correct, except its not a strap handle on the left side, it's the same beefy built in/flush grab handle as used on every other Berg Cab. There are rubber feet on the right side (as well as on the bottom) so when you put the cover on you pick the cab up by the left handle and set it down on the right side rubber feet, and the cover slips on over the the top with the handle cutout on the top of the cover as you can see in the third pic above.

    The HDN112 is basically 1/2 of a Berg212 cab as far as dimensions (both HDN212 and NXT 212 are same size), while the NXT112 is slightly different dimension than the HDN112 (taller, less depth, same width) but I'm not sure why.

    Thanks for looking!