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Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Dan Robbins, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Dan Robbins

    Dan Robbins Supporting Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    Central CA
    AF9C0FFE-D254-46FD-A61D-0EA9DC3E4C0C. 19333922-37CA-4245-AE5E-F7F55740E5E5. 1C62E313-D024-48C6-A644-5A448BABFBE2. A7C9962E-30B4-4A37-879C-C3F33E44691E. 84A8ACB5-191B-4057-9725-3CAE0D17A949. A7C9962E-30B4-4A37-879C-C3F33E44691E. 84A8ACB5-191B-4057-9725-3CAE0D17A949. For Sale: Bergantino HDN212 $1100 w/cover

    I prefer to sell locally in central California/San Francisco bay area, but I will consider shipping.

    PayPal; no trades. Unless you got a 14 mm spacing, seven string, 34” scale. Yeah, keep dreaming…

    —Like NEW with one very small dimple.

    —Includes padded cover, worth $109

    HDN212 ‘High Definition Neo’ Series 2-12″ & Tweeter Bass Guitar Loudspeaker

    The Bergantino Audio Systems HDN (High Definition Neo) series lightweight speaker cabinets retain the great Bergantino Audio sound and give you the weight savings but not at the expense of tone and performance. The HDN series is available in four driver configurations; 1-12” w/ Tweeter, 2-12” w/ Tweeter, 2-10” w/ Tweeter and 4-10” w/ Tweeter. These are the finest lightweight speaker cabinets made. The precision tuned cabinet architecture and the enclosures are built with the highest quality lightweight Italian poplar plywood (with Baltic birch baffle boards) selected to our demanding specifications. This lightweight cabinet material (along with the lightweight magnet material) helps reduce the overall cabinet weight. The exterior of these speaker cabinets are finished in a durable bronco tolex covering for long life and cabinet protection. A rigid black grille is added to protect the drivers from damage and to minimize the coloration and tone reduction found with a cloth speaker grille.

    The internal components used are extremely high quality and they are of Bergantino design. No ‘off-the-shelf’ parts are used. Our new design Neodymium magnet woofers (unique to the HDN) are used for the low frequency section of the HDN series cabinets. These Neodymium drivers have a nice punchy low-end and a very sweet midrange. Fretless and upright players will often prefer the HDN cabinets because of how the midrange ‘speaks’ with their instruments. The HDN series cabinets have a new design high intelligibility tweeter mated to the woofers through a custom designed phase-coherent crossover with a tweeter control.

    Woofer: 2-12” Neodymium Magnet Woofers

    Tweeter: High Intelligibility HDN Series Tweeter

    Cabinet Design: Ported

    Cabinet Material: Lightweight Italian Poplar w/ Baltic birch baffle

    Cabinet Covering: Black Bronco Tolex

    Impedance: 4-ohms

    Power Handling: 700W RMS

    Crossover: Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover w/ Tweeter Control

    Frequency Response: 40hZ – 12kHz

    Sensitivity: 104db @ 2.83v / 1-meter

    Dimensions: 31”H x 18-1/2”W x 15”D

    Weight: 47 Lbs.

    ProNet Price: $1349.00
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  2. Dan Robbins

    Dan Robbins Supporting Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    Central CA

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