SOLD Bergantino HDN410

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    *Updated, now for sale and other trade interests.

    Sale Price $1100 + split shipping in conus. I have the original box and shipping materials.

    This was a B-Stock item purchased directly from Bergantino about a month ago. Price was discounted to $1300 due to a dent on the top edge on the right side, about the size of a quarter. Have used it at a few rehearsals and two shows. There a few scuffs on the bottom corner pieces and I found a small ding in the tolex on the back corner (maybe a quarter inch) in the tolex from the last show. I was able to glue it back down and you would have to look for it to find it. Otherwise it is basically new.

    I ended up purchasing an NV212 and the sealed Berg cabs are more my flavor.

    Will consider trades or partial trades for:
    -Jazz or P Bass
    -G&L JB
    -Berg NV215, NV412, NV115
    -Can't think of anything else I want, but if you have something of interest feel free to offer.

    -Additional pictures available upon request


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  2. I've got a NV215 and could prob throw in a decent Ibanez PJ I've got or a few 100's. Unfortunately I'm in San Diego. Not really looking to do the shipping thing. Who knows, maybe you're coming this way at some point.