SOLD Bergantino HT112, EX112 Stack $600.00 Shipped ConUS! (West Coast add $50.00) *Price Drop*

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    downloadfile-41.jpg downloadfile-44.jpg downloadfile-37.jpg downloadfile-24.jpg downloadfile-35.jpg downloadfile-42.jpg You know the stack, it may be the best of Jim's stacks! These are in excellent condition save a little scuffing on the plastic corners. I am only selling to fund a Bergy 4 ohm cabinet which if you have a 212 cab in 4 ohms I'll trade +/- cash. I'd love a HD 212 or an AE 212. If a Bergy Cab is not out there I'd maybe consider a Eden 210xst 4 ohm cab. Let me know of any other 4 ohm cab that you have in my pm worst I can say is no. I will ship to you conus only or you can pick up local in Raleigh NC. (West Coast add $50.00)

    Bergantino EX112 - 300w, 8 ohm, 48Hz to 18kHz, 97 db, 36 lbs, 15" x 17.5" x 13") Bergantino HT112 - 300w, 8 ohm, 48Hz to 18kHz, 97 db, 39 lbs, 15" x 17.5" x 13"
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    The original Berg mini stack-- one of my favorite combinations ever. I threw a ton of power at it, and it just wanted more! IMO the best sounding tweeter ever created.
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