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Bergantino HT322 quick tech question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ashtray, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. This cab has 2x10" and a 1x12" (plus horn). Overall rating on the cab is 4 ohms (700 watts handling). Question is, does anyone know how the watts are distributed? Does each speaker see the same amount of wattage, or does the single 12 get the same amount as both 10's combined?

    Trying to figure out, b/c it's 4 ohms overall with 3 speakers, so if the 10's were 4 ohm speakers wired in series (8 ohms) and the 12" was an 8 ohm speaker, then the the 12 was wired up to the 10's in parallel, that would result in a 4 ohm overall load - but the 12 would receive half the power.

    Is that the case, or are they using some weird 12 ohm speakers in there??
  2. I think Jim uses 12ohm speakers in the IP310. However, given that each cab of the modular HT322 (the 's' stack of the HS210s/HT112s) is 8 ohms, I would think that the 12 gets 1/2 the power and the two tens each get 1/4 power (i.e., I assume the 12 is 8ohms and the 10s are 16 in parallel).

    Based on the wattage ratings of the individual 's' stack cabs, the 12 can handle 400 watts, and each 10 can handle 250 watts, so that would make sense to me.

    Email Jim... he will give you the straight scoop. I'm pretty sure that the above is correct though. I guess if the HT322 has a maximum wattage rating of 900 watts, that would verify the above. I don't have access to the spec's on the HT322 any more, but that is the combined wattage rating of my 's' stack.

    Edit: Just checked a couple 'for sale' listings, and the max wattage spec of the HT322 is 800 watts. I believe this is because the older HT322's used Jim's original 200 watt 10's versus the more recent 250 watt 10's that I have in my HT210s, so I'm pretty sure the above is correct. So each 200 watt 10 gets 1/4 of the power, and the 400 watt 12 gets the other half... cool!
  3. Ashtray, if you get the straight scoop from Jim, please post it here for the rest of us (though I would surmise Ken is correct).


    Bluesy Soul :cool:

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