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Discussion in 'Rocket Music' started by PlanetEarth, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Greg, can you get stuff from him?

  2. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    Not at the moment. Sorry!

    We do Genz-Benz, EBS, Schroeder and TC Electronic...
  3. Where ya at Jerry?
  4. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music

  5. :D I've been here, but I just didn't want to stick my nose into things. :bag:

    Speaking only to my experience, it took me about 30 seconds to go from, "Nice looking cab," to, "Holy crap! I have to have this action."

    FYI/FWIW: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=647349
  6. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    Jerry - I must insist that you insert your nose at all times and in all things Rocket Music :D

    You and Joe are both so high on these Berg cabs... that I've decided to become a dealer!!! After a little paperwork and an opening order, bada-bing-bada-boom - get yer Berg's here, boys!!
  7. ()smoke()


    Feb 25, 2006
    awesome news greg!

    i love my nv610, wouldn't mind having a 210 around sometime in the future...:cool:
  8. ()smoke()


    Feb 25, 2006
    jerry, you play some sick setlists! lovely day? man i'd love to have a gig where we covered some bill withers
  9. NICE! Congratulations, Greg. I'm VERY anxious to hear your thoughts, and here's hoping this will be a really successful relationship. (Although, honestly, I don't think you'll have any trouble moving these things.)

    Along with the HT112ER, I've sampled the AE112, and the HS210 & HS410. All of 'em knocked me out. On the 10's, it reminded me of the first time I heard an Epifani UL410...amazing. The AE112 is a great cab as well, and it's got a wonderful form-factor...nice light weight, and the top handle is recessed enough so you can put an amp on it without any wobbly-wobbly...a nice touch, for sure.

    As much as I love the Aguilar GS112 - for me it was really the benchmark of single 12" cabs - the HT112ER is insane. As my local store guru put it - and he loves the GS more than I do - hearing the HT is like someone lifted a blanket off of the GS. Fat and full lows that hit hard and quick, punchy...way punchy mids...and highs that are so smooth and even that you'll just smile. This is the first cab - period - where I've actually wanted to boost the tweeter control instead of cut it. The x-over and tweeter are just that good. And the really amazing thing? This cab sounds incredible at low volumes, but when you turn things up....holy cow. It is LOUD, and just takes everything you throw at it while asking for more. I know I said this in the linked thread, but I used a single cab to drive a pretty loud 10-piece band, and I was just blown away at the sound. Many of my two-cab gigs just became single-cab gigs....which is the only downside...I just can't wait to drive two of these things together. :D
  10. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    Yeah, I'm really excited, both as a player and as a retailer. As a player, I'm pretty sure I'll end up owning one or more of these HT112ER cabs. I've been talking at myself about going lightweight, but I haven't quite been able to convince myself to go neo. The lightweight cabs that shave weight by going smaller w/ fewer ceramic speakers seem more my personal style...

    On top of that, after speaking with Jim on the phone for about half an hour this morning and getting a feel for how he does business and how he expects his dealers to do business, I've also got a good feeling from the retailer side of things. Bergatino seems like the "Roscoe" of amp cabs in many ways. No BS with the pricing, reasonable stocking requirements, and a dealer network that is all smaller indepenendents like myself. I live for brands like that.

    I smell a win-win-win (Berg, Rocket, and youse guys) :D
  11. Freddels

    Freddels Musical Anarchist

    Apr 7, 2005
    Sutton, MA
    Bergantino is only a couple of miles from my house. However, I've never been to his shop. A couple of local bass players have tried in the past to do a little shop tour with him but he wasn't interested in letting us come over.

    About 2 yrs ago, I was in the process of buying an NV610 and my only requirement was that I wanted to pick it up at his shop so that I could avoid shipping and possible damage. The dealer had my cc info and ready to go when he called and told me that it was a no go. I was told that the NV610 wasn't in stock near me b/c they were actually built in Ohio. I thought that was a bit strange but whatever. Deal was canceled. Jim could do a lot more local business (even if we had to go through dealers not local) but he doesn't seem interested in reaching out to the local bass player community. I would love to try out his cabs but there are no local dealers. :(
  12. Ok, I can share a brief story, as it was told to me....

    When I bought, my local store guru called Jim and told him that he could expect to see a thread on this site touting the cabs. Jim's response - as you can imagine - was, "Ok. Whatever." A coupla' days later, my guru got a call from Jim..."Holy crap. You weren't kidding." :D :D

    The beauty of the interwebz. :) When you discover amazing vendors - be it Berg, Roscoe, or let's be completely honest here - RocketMusic - it is an absolute pleasure to brag about them.
  13. LilRay

    LilRay Commercial User

    Dec 27, 2007
    Between my Roscoe and Leather
    Owner: Cockeyed Cow Custom Leathercraft
    Holy Smokes Greg, Is there anything on the cutting edge you don't stock? :D

    Can't wait for the Head/Cab Shootout thread (hint hint)

    Congrats Man!


    God Bless, Ray
  14. Good call on becoming a Bergantino retailer Greg. I love my Bergs, and I do believe that the more bragging we do about them the more you'll be selling. For me, the ultimate live tone is Roscoe, Eden, Bergantino. You simply can't go wrong with that.
  15. JOME77

    JOME77 Supporting Member

    Aug 18, 2002
    Cool! :cool:

    You're going to really love the sound of these cabinets. My favorite by far are the 112's but Deon (sha975) just picked up a HS410 and he said that it just totally rocked.
    I'm sure that it does but of course Deon is about twice my size .....:help: I.E. much larger arms!

    I'll stick with the HT112-ER's and carry them one at a time!;)
  16. awesome! Thanks Greg, you too Jerry.
  17. Hey Greg, do purchases from Rocket Music come with a divorce lawyer referral? I may need it now that you are carrying Berg's.
  18. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    I really should just have a lawyer on retainer, shouldn't I? Free shipping and legal advice!
  19. What are you expecting in for your first order? ETA?
  20. Rocket Music. For all your music needs....and subsequent legal ones too. :D I love it!

    That HS410 is a true BEAST. To my ears it sounds at least as good as my Epi UL410...and without a bit of selfish pride in the way, it probably sounds a bit better. :)

    Wait tillya get a load of that HT112ER, though. May as well start working on your cheek muscles now - that's upper cheek muscles, you sickos...although you'll actually be smiling from both sets. :D. (What does that even mean? My mind really is a terrible thing.)

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