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    Berhringer XR18 wireless/software based mixer for FOH system, price dropped to $425, shipped to the "lower 48".

    We are reverting back to an analog hardware jig, just because it is better suited to our needs. System includes cable interface, carry case and fully featured software mixer. Check out the Sound on Sound review below...
    Thanks for looking in!

    Behringer XR18 |
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    Good morning! Since the system doesn't include a physical control panel, what are you calling a "fully featured software mixer"? An I-pad or similar, or just the software? Thx.
  3. Just the software. It is actually as described, and sold as you would find it new. Like buying Cubase with a hardware interface (here it's a patch bay)- you still need a computer to use it. In this case an iPad, Android thing, etc.
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