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Berklee bass tutors specialising in these styles

Discussion in 'Ask the Berklee Bass Department' started by eoinwalsh, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. eoinwalsh


    Jun 10, 2011

    Are there any tutors at Berklee that specialise particularly in RnB styles from the likes of Sharay Reed, Adam Blackstone, Levi Seacer Jr, Prince, Nathaniel Philips, Barry Johnson, Andrew Gouche etc ?

  2. Dave Buda

    Dave Buda Berklee Bass Department

    Dec 22, 2007
    Boston bass and berklee professor
    I think for you to be looking for someone through a style prism is a mistake. If you love those cats, you should copy what they do... If you can't hear it, then you are well served by having a bass teacher or anyone for that matter help you with ear training. You can go right to You Tube and access all of this. A good teacher is someone who tries to make themselves obsolete. A teacher teaches how to teach one self.
    However it can be useful for one to sit across from a player who's style you love. The music and players you mentioned play from a deep background in Church, R+B and so forth. Find out what they did. Style comes from your imagination, life influence experiences, musical values, and your ability and training to get to the music that's already lurking around in your heart mind and soul.. Learn what they play and then begin to apply it to your musical opportunities.....Last thing, it's best to not SEE what they do. Only listen to what they do, and you will probably come up with something that is original and different from what they do. I.E. Victor Wooten's use of the up stroke when slapping. Maybe you are the one to contribute something new!. ... I'm sure you will get some different perspectives on this. Take it all in . I am presenting a point view that is very large. Sometimes that doesn't fit are personal goals. I don't know what your intent with music and bass are. I'm sure it's to get better like the rest of us. My perspective is more from someone who wan't to develop skills to be able to function in any musical situation. .;) Your focus and goals my be so different and specific that my post is not entirely useful to you..I wish you joy and clarity on this journey.

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