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  1. I am a big Bernard Edwards (Chic) fan and was recently asked to record a studio track with a tone close to his. Having owned a Stingray and tried flatwounds on it I have never subscribed to the idea that Bernard used real flats.
    He admitted never changing the original strings on his Musicman bass. After research, I found out that until 1980 (Bernards'bass was a '79), original Stingrays came from the factory with GHS Brite Flats which are actually half-rounds.
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    I thought I remember reading that Bernard Edwards used Dean Markley flatwounds back then.
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    The girst StingRays came with GHS Precision Flats, When I got mine in '79, different strings were on different Music Man basses- flats Brite-Flsts, ond one Sabre had Boomers.
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