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Besl bass CDs

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by Wide vibe, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Wide vibe

    Wide vibe

    Dec 17, 1999
    .....move over Edgar, Gary, et al. I never heard ANYONE play the bass like Bozo (pr. Bosho) Paradzik. His CD, Elephant oder Schwann, is on Virgin Classics, but is hard to locate. It's not for sale in the USA, but can be found at Amazon.com/Germany. Imagine Oistrach playing the bass - there you have it.
    .....Also: Renaud Garcia-Fons . Navigatore (his most recent). Whew!! ..Get them ALL. (Fuera, Oriental, Alborea and Legendes).
  2. anonymous0726

    anonymous0726 Guest

    Nov 4, 2001
    If it's not available in the US, then MP3 that sucker and help spread the good word!


    Nov 21, 2002
    Mine would have to be the very first jazz album i ever bought back in the mid 70s called GIANTS OF THE ORGAN LIVE IN CONCERT. double album.with jimmy mcgriff and groove holmes on organs. jerry jemmott is awsome on DB.the live recording is great. its like being in the club. i wore out the album but before i did i made a copy on cassette. thank god.
  4. snoopy


    Apr 5, 2002
    Bozo rocks.

    May I also recommend the following;

    Ed Barker plays Schubert, Hindemith and Vivaldi Sonatas. Boston Records

    Paul Bresciani plays Bottesini, Boccherini, etc. Phoenix Records

    Owen Lee plays Misek and Bach. Boston Records 1046 http://bostonrecordstore.com/owenlee.html
  5. Yes, this CD of Bozo Paradzik is splendid.

    About Oistrakh playing the bass, maybe
    this defines more the Tubin concerto recorded
    by Hakan Ehren, though ?

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