Best 100-200w bass amp

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  1. I need a new amp comba for playing small, i have my eye on the Fender Bassman 150, marshall 100 offering open to anything

  2. I've got a yorkville bassmaster 200 and I like it a lot. Don't have a lot of experience with amps, but I do know how a bad one sounds. For the price it's a very good choice. It has a four band equalizer and a 'contour' effect on/of switch, a limiter, fx-loop, line out and a phones out. 200 watts of power trough a 15" speaker with a tweeter. It's not very big and heavy, but you still have to have a strong back :)
    good luck with your choice!
  3. There's a Bassman 150? I thought there was only a 100 and 200.
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    The Bassman 200 would be a good choice, imo.