Best acoustic bass amp?

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    Apr 13, 2012

    Back already with one of my n00b questions again.

    I am looking to buy an acoustic bass, something I can play quietly at night or on the porch but then during the day, I can crank it up.

    What are some good amps to use specifically for acoustic bass? And does it matter if it is an acoustic bass or fully electric bass when you buy a bass amp?

    I am looking for something decent for $500 or less.

    Please help, experts! Thanks
  2. Well I bought an amp that is intended for electric bass, Acoustic B10. I wanted to go with the B100 but the B10 was in my price range. I think it sounds good, probably would've gotten better bass response (for lack of a better word) with the bigger one. Guess what I am saying is I don't see anything wrong with going with an amp that is designedfor electric instead of acoustic bass if it is not in your budget. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong though ;). By the way I am playing a Fender Kingman acoustic 4 string.

    Edit: missed the $500 budget you had there. In that case not sure what to recomend to ya as my Kingman is my first acoustic and the B10 is the first amp I bought for it. All I can say is try some out.

    Edit, Edit: If you are just jamming around the house/on the porch probably do not need anything bigger than 100w but with your budget, you can get more wattage for future aplications. My B10 (10w 1x10 speaker) seems to be more than loud enough to jam with a couple of acoustic guitars!! Probably would not keep up with a drummer though. I would just go to your local music store with your acoustic and try a bunch of diff amps and see what you like. Even though I really like the acoustic brand maybe they are not for you. However I think the price is great on those. The brands other people on here mentioned are good also! Thing I like about my B10 is the portability, line in for mp3/cd whatever and headphone jack. Really loud for such a little amp. Really surprised me when I first tried it out. I got it for just under a $100 brand new with warranty. If anything goes wrong I can bring it to any Guitar Center.
  3. I'd look at the GK MB combos in that price range for new.
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    Dec 28, 2010
    Any bass combo amp will work for personal playing. In a band setting you will want volume and a big speaker, for solo you will want portability ease of use. The Roland bass micro cube is a very good amp for jamming with acoustic guitars, and it can run off of batteries so you can take it wherever the guitars go. If you are doing a show or exhibition, you could get away with a 100 watt combo 15" amp, there are many options available.

    I would avoid Ampeg or GK amps as they tend to be midrangey fart machines and will make your acoustic bass sound terrible. The Acoustic brand bass stuff would be ideal
  5. lots of people playing upright thru Ampeg. Possibly a tad harsh here.

    OP, where are you? Prices vary a lot around the world.

    I'd personally point you to Peavey TNT combos for good sound on a budget, but lift one before you buy as they are heavy.
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  7. wrong answer :rollno:. Many DBers and ABGers use GK and Ampeg amps and have for years, including this one :eyebrow:
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    have to second a GK MB series combo. They are coming out with a MB110 that is hundred watts and 1x10 and I really would like to try that out. I am presently using a GK MB200 head and it sounds great with any cab. I use it mostly with a Schroeder 15L. I use a Fender Kingman that has been lightly upgraded. (new bone nut, saddle contoured and TI Acousticore's)