Best Avenged Sevenfold bass line.

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  1. Hey guys. A7X is coming to town and there is a contest for VIP tickets. I have to go down to a music shop and shred one of their songs on video. I have next week to do it and need to practice. Any suggestions on which song to pick? I think that I go it alone too...
  2. No fans?
  3. Well Johnny used a Musicman on most of their stuff although he's used a Rickenbacker live in addition to his new signature bass but if I picked one I'd grab a Musicman, with Ernie Ball Cobalt strings (he's been known to use them and they get his tone pretty well)
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    Does not compute. :bag:
  5. I only like their song "Nightmare". Cool gritty bass in that song.
  6. Aw darn, I thought you were asking for basses...

    Back on topic...The Wicked End would be my top pick, then Blinded In Chains
  7. Cool. I'll look into those ones. And I just bought a stingray HH last month! Yeahyah! Thanks guys!
  8. Blinded in Chains has an awesome intro. Buried Alive is a really cool groove. Tonight the World Dies has an odd bluesy thing that I could never get the hang of but it's pretty cool.

    If you can rock most of anything off of the Nightmare album with confidence and project some energy while doing so, it will come out well. I would however, stay away from Save Me (too long), Fiction (too little bass), and So Far Away. Good ones might be Natural Born Killer, Buried Alive, Welcome to the Family, God Hates Us.

    I would recommend away from Nightmare, Beast and the Harlot, Not Ready to Die, Hail to the King, Afterlife, Almost Easy et al because a lot of people will probably be doing those.

    One with a really cool bass groove is Tension, off of Diamonds in the Rough. A Little Piece of Heaven might be a really inspired choice although you'll have to play up the bounce and groove a lot and it's very long.

    If I were going in to audition, I'd probably look at Blinded in Chains, Trashed and Scattered, God Hates Us, or maybe Scream. I'd focus on getting the rhythm and the runs down tight, absolutely tight, and then getting into the performance. It's a video performance so they want to see energy.

    Good luck!