Best B String???????

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  1. which is your fav B string?
  2. D'Addario Slowound, but that has to be qualified by saying that some B's seem better on some basses than on others. I have tried all sorts, and on MY bass, the Slowound beats all others. I used to have a Stingray 5, and the Ernie Balls were the best for that bass (funny, that!)
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    Jun 20, 2000
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    Have you tried other D'Addario's? I posted a question about this earlier, but no one responded. What guage is the B string? The EXL-170's I'm using now have a .130 B that sounds pretty good. I think a .135 would be too thick, but I don't know. What do you think?
  4. On MY bass, the Slowounds have more character and a sweeter voice, plus the B is well-defined. I have tried XL's, Ernies, Boomers, Rotos, SITs, Labellas, Prisms, Loriders, Fenders, etc. None were bad, well the Fenders and Boomers were, but they were all a bit bland compared to the Slowounds. That is not to say they wont sound any good on your bass, though. The Slowound is a .130 with a tapercore.
  5. I got a .140 B on my bass right now....and it´s too floppy...I´m getting a set of Conklin Snakeskins soon the B is a .127
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    I was like Marty - Slowounds are the best I've ever tried, But I thought I ought to try some other sets, so have just been evaluating Thomastik-infeld. I still prefer the sound of the Slowounds, but the Thomastik set has a 118 B and I do like the feel of this better and am thinking the the 130 B on the Slowounds always felt too big in comparison with the other strings - or maybe it's just that a narrower gauge suits my particular bass.

    I want to go back to Slowounds but would really love a narrower gauge B - I checked everywhere on the internet, but it seems D'Addario only do 130 Bs for Slowounds. I emailed D'Addario about this, but have had no reply yet.
  7. Hi Bruce, I've just ordered a set of TI's for my six, and the gauges are .033-.136, so they're bigger than the Slowounds. I hope I have'nt made an expensive mistake. My bass is very bright, maple body with Alembic pup and preamp, so I'm hoping they'll combat that. There's nothing wrong with the Slowounds, I just thought I'd try the Jazz Flats to see if they're better (especially for latin, you know).