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Best Bands

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by VictorLeMonteWooten, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    Make a list band using musicians. Please stay with in a style and genre. (i.e. don't put victor wooten and ozzy osborne in the same band).

    late 60s rock band:
    Jim Morison-vocals
    Grace Slick-vocals
    Jerry Sheff-bass
    Terry Bozzio-drums
    Jimmie Page-guitar
    Jerry Garcia- pedal steel
    Ron Manzarek or Pigpen- Keyboard
    any theremin player (i don't know any besides jimmie page)
    carol kaye-bass

    funk band:
    james brown
    peewee elis
    jabo starks
    george clinton
    (crap i don't know of too many funk guitar players besides diaper man)
    plus some more members of JB's band

    fusion/70s rock style (i.e. king crimson):
    Tony Levin
    Adrian Belew
    Terry Bozzio
    Frank Zappa
    (i think everyone here has played with each other,
    belew and levin: king crimson, belew and zappa: frank zappa, bozzio and levin: bozzio-levin-stevens, Bozzio & Zappa: Frank Zappa, and i'm sure levin and zappa have done something, i think i could even add bill bruford, except bruford has never played with bozzio, unless they were both on the new king crimson double trio album, (two guitar players, two stick players, and two drummers))

  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...anybody know who played the theremin on "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys?
    Was Bozzio even recording in the '60s? I recall a very young Bozzio playin' on The Brecker Brothers' HEAVY METAL BEBOP record in the mid'70s...
  3. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    i don't know if he did, i picked him for that style. I'm pretty sure he was playing drums even in early 70s. i could call the late 60s band an acid rock band if i wanted to.
  4. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    How 'bout this one...The Who? Take all 4 members: John, Roger, Keith, and Pete. Put them all together and I think you'll have one heck of a great band!:D
  5. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    I'm wearing my Who shirt right now. How about the Who plus Tommy Mars, a few back up singers, and a vibes player.

    Zappa had some great back up bands too. with belew, bozzio, o'hearn (i'm trying to grow my hair out so i look like o'hearn), Tommy Mars (what a weird guy), Roy Estrada.
  6. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    ...I hadda haircut like O'Hearn's back in the '80s!

    Now, what's up with a vibes player in The Who? In your initial post, you said "stick with the genre"...correct? I can't think of any Hard Rock mallet players(Ruth Underwood, perhaps?).

    Back to your '60s Rock group-
    Here's one with a little more of a Blues/Rock vibe...
    Ginger Baker-cans
    Jeff Beck-guitar
    John Paul Jones(or Entwhistle)-bass
    Janis Joplin-vox

    ...bare bones, balls to the wall. :D

    Funk band-
    Clyde Stubblefield-cans
    Blood Ulmer-guitar
    Mike Brecker-tenor sax
    Randy Brecker-trumpet
  7. Ushtey


    Mar 21, 2000
    :cool: Rory Gallagher - guitar & vocals

    :cool: Albert Lee - guitar & vocals

    :cool: Peter Green - guitar

    :cool: Mitch Mitchel - drums

    :cool: Phil Lynott - bass

    Rock on !!
  8. thumber


    Jan 5, 2001
    '60s rock band:

    John Fogerty: vocals, guitar
    Carl Wilson: vocals, guitar
    Maurice Gibb, Carol Kaye: bass (vocals also for Maurice)
    Hal Blaine: drums

    plus a keyboard player.
  9. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    who says there isn't a hard rock vibes player? gibb? isn't that disco? i don't play too much attention to high pitch screaching?

    Has anyone ever noticed that robert plant sounds like a screaming lounge singer?
  10. soundofphysics


    Jul 17, 2000
    i could be wrong but i think brian wilson played hte theremin on good vibrations.

    as far as a dream band

    guitar- kenny burrell
    tenor sax- trane
    trumpet- miles
    alto sax- stan getz
    drums- buddy rich
    bass- mingus
    piano- monk

    guitar- trey anastasio
    bass- jaco (hey jaco can handle rock, heck he can do anything)
    drums- john bonham
    vocals- how about bob dylan, i know i knwo once again not really rock
    guitar 2- stevie

    bass- cliff
    vocals- the guy from in flames (sorry don't knwo his name)
    guitar- kerry king
    lead guitar- randy rhoads
    drums- igor cavalera

  11. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    i'm pretty sure it wasn't brian wilson, it was the guy with the white gloves on (no, not micheal jackson), and a tux in the video.
  12. freddylang


    Dec 24, 2000
    Columbus, OH.
    This would be a great psycho metal jazz hybrid.

    Vocals- Mike Patton
    Guitars- Kirk Hammett, Trey Spruance
    Bass- Les Claypool or Michael Manring
    Drums- Tim "Herb" Alexander (The king of all drummers.)

  13. freddylang


    Dec 24, 2000
    Columbus, OH.
    I like your metal band. It would crush heads. Here's another one:


    Vocals: Curt Cobain, Mark Arm
    Bass: Krist Novacelik (I can't remember how to spell it!)
    Guitars: King Buzzo, Kim Thayl
    Drums: Dave Grohl

  14. Mike


    Sep 7, 2000
    Man, I heard on the radio one day who it was that played the theremin in Good Vibrations. Who was it? I want to say Brian Wilson, of course, but that is the obvious answer. Dmanit, who was it???!!!
  15. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    I think Kurt spells it Kurt not Curt. Isn't the grunge band nirvana?

    I was thinking of getting a theremin kit before. Would be kinda cool to play theremin.
  16. Funk:

    Vocals: George Clinton (P-Funk)
    Bass: James Jamerson (Motown)
    Guitar: Phelps Collins (James Brown)
    Drums: Questlove (D'angelo)
  17. Bass - Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order)
    Drums - Todd Traynor (Shellac)
    Guitar - Andy Gill (Gang of Four)
    Guitar - Duane Dennison (Jesus Lizard)
    Vox - Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse)
  18. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    You name the genre this would be
    Piano/Vocals: Tori Amos
    Guitar: Dave Matthews
    Bass: George Porter, Jr.
    Drums: Steve Smith (Shut up, he's cheesy enough that I like him!)

    Jazz #1
    Piano: Duke Ellington
    Bass: Paul Chambers
    Drums: Max Roach
    Sax: Lester Young
    Trumpet: Clark Terry
    Vocals: Billie Holiday

    Jazz #2
    Piano: Thelonius Monk
    Piano: Harry Connick, Jr.
    Bass: Charles Mingus
    Sax: John Coltrane
    Sax: Charlie Parker
    Trumpet: Miles Davis
    Trumpet: Dizzie Gillispie
    Drums: Tony Williams

    New Orleans Funk
    Piano: Professor Longhair
    Organ: James Booker
    Guitar: Leo Nocentelli
    Bass: George Porter, Jr.
    Drums: Joseph Zigaboo Modeliste
    Trombone: Lucien Barber?
    Trumpet: Leroy Jones
    Vocals: Dr. John

    Piano: Harry Connick, Jr.
    Bass: Larry Graham
    Bass: James Jamerson
    Guitar: Leo Nocentelli
    Drums: Zig
    Organ: Jimmy Smith

  19. a few people that could make up an awesome band:

    vocals - dave mustaine (megadeth)
    guitar - kerrie king (slayer)
    guitar - dimebag darrel (pantera)
    drums - lars ulrich (metallica)

    all seattle band:
    vocals - eddie vedder (pearl jam)
    guitar - kim thaiyl(sp?) (soundgarden)
    guitar - kurt cobain (nirvana)
    bass - ben shephard (soundgarden)
    drums - dave grohl (nirvana)

    something in a genre all its own:
    vocals - ozzy osbourne
    guitar - joe satriani
    guitar - steve vai
    bass - michael manring
    drums - dave grohl

  20. BernardJohnson


    Jan 9, 2001

    Well here goes my list of best bands.....

    Ramsey Lewis - keyboards
    Stanley Clarke - tenor bass
    Dennis Chambers - drums
    John Pattituci - upright bass

    Marcus Miller - bass
    Paul Jackson, Jr. - guitar
    George Duke - keyboards
    Sonny Emory - drums (Earth, Wind & Fire)
    Rick James - vocals
    Chaka Khan - vocals
    Charlie Wilson - (Gap Band)
    Horn section - (Earth, Wind & Fire Horns)

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