Best bang for buck, lightweight 1x12"?

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  1. On the back of this great thread (, I wanted to start something up that looks at people's experiences with well priced and specced 1x12" cabs.

    I'm looking to pair this cab with a GK400RB, but equally, I would like this thread to also be more general and equally useful for other potential shoppers of 1x12s.

    I'll start off by saying that due to being located in Australia, we get rorted pricewise here. Also, freight costs tend to cancel out otherwise good deals from overseas. So I've narrowed down a couple which are the cheapest I can obtain locally.

    Eden EX112, 8 ohm, 300W, 30.25lbs, $369 AU
    Hartke HX112, 4/8 ohm, 300W, 30.4lbs, $500 AU
    Gallien Krueger NEO112, 300W, 30lbs, $569 AU

    Any thoughts on these, or others? Is the HX112 worth the $130 over the EX112?
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    Apr 9, 2004
    How about custom cab builders Down Under? Or small companies producing well-built cabs w/quality components? Possibilities?

    Still think 15s are the smartest way to go, but here are some 12s to consider (ALL tons better than whatever's used in the boxes you listed) ...

    Eminence: lite2512II-1.htm Super bang for the buck.

    Faital Pro: pro 12pr300-1.htm pro 12pr310-1.htm pro 12fh510-1.htm pro 12fh500-1.htm
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    If you are talking about commercially built 112's, the best thing to do is go try what's available and use the one that sounds good to you. "Best bang for the buck" ? Well, I think the Thunderchild is the best 112 you are going to get and well worth the " bang " your wallet is gonna get for the " buck " you will spend. :cool:
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    Sep 1, 2011
    IMHO a 1x12 just won't keep up usually (I know FEARFUL does) for band practice. IT will work if you have (2) of them. A 1x15 if you are going with ONE cab is a better option usually, and most of them are only a weight difference of 4-7 pounds vs. the 1x12.
    Modular is really the only way to go, get a GREAT head like the AG TH500 (damn this thing gets loud) and then pick and choose what cabinets to pair it with.
    For my current band I play it thru (2) Bag End 15's and never have to cut the volume more than 4-5 MAX.
    More speakers = win 90% of the time.
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    I bought each of my two Aguilar GS112's for $300 used. I think that's a bargain for such a high quality product that sounds amazing.
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    MarkBass Club121, 1x12", 400Wt at 28 lbs. I've got one. Cool.
  7. Sorry but it's just too expensive to build custom. There's a limited market here, so hence prices are up there.

    Also, I don't really intend this thread to be a 15"s vs. 12"s kind of deal, although I also don't want to stifle discussion. I'll just say that based on the thread "help me get over my fear of 12s" that has a lot of support of 1x12" users. I have no reason to believe that a 1x12" won't be enough for my needs (they are pretty modest) and I can always add another 1x12" down the track.

    I'll also mention that price is a big factor, and I'm not out to have 'the best of the best' at whatever cost. I'm also not a tone snob, I probably couldn't tell you the difference between a good cab and a bad one. The goal was to achieve the best balance of price, weight, and performance if possible.
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    I think his suggestion stems from the fact that commercially not all cabs are created equal. Budget cabs generally use budget drivers, so a budget 112 might not be enough but a 212 or 115 would be. No once you get out of the budget realm and start working with "premium" drivers, then yes you may be able to get by with a 112. His idea is that you may be able to get a cab with such a driver, closer to your budget, if you are sourcing the components closer to home.
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  9. I find that the GK Neo 112 is probably the best sounding 'budget' cab on the market. If these are available in your location, its a pretty nice sounding box, and very lightweight, and of course, a nice match with your GK head.

    I'd avoid their 'combo line and extension cabs', but their 'pro line' neo 112 is very nice.
  10. Fair call, and understand completely. If I can find a better quality used cab, I will probably go for it, but they are rarely found used.

    I could import a Deltalite 12" for about $200AU.. not sure on where I would find a local, empty cab but I can try and look into if it will geninuely work out better.

    I do genuinely worry though, if I can match a cab to the speaker.. I'm not sure how it works.

    There are a few local builders, but, don't know if the cabs will cut the mustard, some of them just look like simple guitar cabs.
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    A BIG +1 for modular/scaleable solutions!
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    Love the Baers, love AudioKinesis, love my fEARfuls, love Bergantino...

    That all being said, the best bang for the buck has to be, IME/IMHO, the GK Neo112-II. This cab is highly competitive with our arguably better than most 1x12's on the market, regardless of cost. But it's priced on the lower end of average. Great cab and a great bang for the buck.

    The other cabs worth mentioning in this context would be the Acme Flatwound and Full Range. Andy's direct sales setup means very little markup, and his cabs are both great performers and very, very reasonably priced. They might be a bit power hungry, but that's more a characteristic of his older cabs than the 1x12 models.

    Of course, personal preferences, different related gear, different gigging needs, and a whole host of other factors may lead a player to get better results from one brand versus another. On top of that, we are fortunate to have lots of really great, highly viable options available. So don't limit your choices and try everything that you can.

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    Converional wisdom, from what I read seems to agree with the Gk.

    I would add the Avatar sb112 which to my ear punches well above it's weight class. It has a definate tone though. I like it, some might not...

    All that said, I'm not replacing my fearful 12.6 anytime soon, unless it's with a 1212. A fEarful cab is a pretty easy build in reality. Not too much more going on in there than in a TL606. All the components are readily available.

    Inerestigly enough (to me anyway) the SB112 and 12.6 are extremely close in terms of internal volume... Scrap the tweeter for a mid, upgrade the x-over, replace the woofer in an older one and you wouldn't be that far off...
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  15. wcriley


    Apr 5, 2010
    Western PA
    Harley Dear is in Auckland, New Zealand.
    He's an Authorized Builder for BFM and greenboy.

    Sorry, I don't his contact info.
  16. timber22

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    I recently picked up a pair of used Hartke HX112's locally. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect but so far I've been pleasantly surprised. They are very light, appear to be well built and are easy to carry. I've used them on one gig so far with a GB Shuttle and they sounded really good in a rock band situation. Plently deep, plenty loud and very punchy. I was able to dial in a tone with this amp / cab combination pretty easily. I have not tried to gig just one, however.

    I actually would rather if they didn't have the 8 ohm / 4 ohm switch because I'm concerned that during load in, hook up, people stringing cables behind the cab on stage, etc. that the switches could get bumped and accidently switched to 4 ohm thus making my amp that is not 2 ohm capable very unhappy. I taped the switches in the 8 ohm position.
  17. Nedmundo

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Nice to see the love for G-K's Neo112. I have two of the first gen, and haven't used anything else for years. They have lots of punch, depth, and full-range clarity, which means you have a relatively "clean slate" tone wise, and can do lots with EQ, effects, different heads, etc. It will all come through.
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    Out of those 3 listed, I agree.