Best bass amp and cabinet combinations with Bartolinis

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  1. I have two Warrior basses I play and use the same GK 700rb head. I use a SWR 4x10 with one and a Ampeg 6x10 with the other. I'm not totally satisfied with my tones I'm getting with either bass. Both cabs have tweeters but I generally turn them down unless playing outside. I know a lot of good basses use the Bart's so I guess my question is more about my choice of 10 inch speakers. If I were to go with 12's or 15's, would it change a lot. I use Ernie Ball slinky light gauge either .40-.125 or .45-.130 strings. Any suggestions? I would describe my current tones as a little too modern and less vintage sounding.
  2. Screenshot_20200702-131232.png Screenshot_20200702-131217.png I'll post pictures of my basses as soon as I can figure out how lol
  3. I think I figured out how to post pics. As you can see,the two basses are very different