best bass bridge thats economic

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  1. what's the best bass bridge thats not as much as a 2tek like hipshot or what? for 5-stringers
  2. I have been looking at this.

    Ebay item

    Otherwise I like the Carvin bridge as well.

    Carvin Bridge

    What type of sound are you looking for. Neither of these will get you a "vintage" sound.
  3. I would endorse the individual saddle system as one good way to go. I am contemplating getting some of these for my projects. I've dealt with the seller on ebay and they are top notch.

    The other way I would go is with a Schaller roller bridge. Search ebay for a great price on these in 5 configuration. I've bought several from the usual seller there and have been very happy. They are sleek, low profile, and have more adjustment options than the Hipshot/Carvin.
  4. Hambone -- Do you know how they ground the seperate saddle bridges?
  5. Ibanez Monorail II :D

    ( as shown on the BTB :D )
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    I have an ABM roller 5 bridge that I might want to part with. If I recall, it's adjustable between 2 11/16 & 2 15/16 string spacing and a 7/16 minimum string height, but I'm not certain. If your interested I'll double check.