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  1. The issue is that these splitters are balanced with transformers. Transformers like these distort at higher levels, and the distort the bass frequencies much more than the higher frequencies. Since the splitters are made for mic level signals, thy "expect" a much lower voltage than a line level. As the level increases, the THD increases quite dramatically in some cases, and of course - distorting the bass most.

    Add to the fact that the 6176 seems to have a really high output.

    I would bet than "mic splitters" vary wildly in their ability to split bass signals at line level. I really wonder about using a $2500 preamp/compressor to plug into a $5 transformer, driving it at levels that it was not designed to take.

    The "standard" way to do it would be to run a DI and bring it down to mic level before putting it through the splitter, but that's got it's own problems.

    It seems as though the poweramp pass-though might be a good solution? But I guess then again, it'll need to go through a DI for the sound guy.
  2. I really dig the EBS MultiComp. Simple & Effective.. Pretty much always on for me.
  3. I´m in so glad with my Aguilar TLC, very quiet, fast and don´t color my sound.
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    Those that do, tend to sound quite good while doing it.
    I can link you to high-end line-level audio products containing transformers all day long. Can you link to any evidence that the transformers in this splitter are not the same sort of thing?
  5. Yes, so can I, but the transformers in splitters made for mic level signals, and often show a lot of distortion at levels than are much higher than they are specified for. Even the most expensive equipment around will do that when you don't put the right signal into them.

    I do agree, however, that many of them might work fine "out of spec", but it's the type of thing you'd have to test on a per-model basis.

    The problem is exacerbated because the 6176 puts out a pretty high level, higher than most line outputs even.

    I'm not disagreeing that it could be fine, but what I'm saying is that you certainly can't assume it'll be fine with any particular unit, as you're running them way out of spec. The "proper" way to use them would be to use yet another transformer in fromt of them to bring them down to line level, but I'm never a fan of dropping level just to amplify it again.

    There are splitters that are meant for line level signals (and have the right transformers in them) - I would expect that those might be a better choice, not sure why I hadn't thought of those earlier.
  6. I just found this thread on GS:

    I guess it supports what we are both saying.
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    The splitter that John mentioned seems to use a Lundahl LL1581XL splitting transformer designed not only for mic level but for up to +19dB of input. Considering that splitter has a possible 20dB input pad and that the Pre on the 6176 has a max output level of +20dB (yes, the 1176 in it can make it hotter I guess), there should be no reason why that splitter would not work well.

    Even the splitter's manual says the input is for signals "such as" that of a microphone. So, without having tried it, I think that splitter can handle what the 6176.

    If you google that transformer, you'll it is actually being used in high end passive DIs for all kinds of signal strength including big rack units that would be used exactly for this kind of stuff.
  8. Great info, and great comment. thanks very much for the insight.

    I do like to run the 1176 really hot (I like the sound of its gain), but the pad certainly helps. It of course gets into the "drop the signal, then raise it back up again", but I think that if the signal is really hot & desperately needs the pad, any other gear would likely have a problem with it as well!
  9. I found a radial that seems to accept 26dB. This might even work better. But I digress, as I've sort of hijacked this thread!
  10. By the way, this was the type of thing that I was talking about relating frequency to distortion in these types of transformers:

    It actually looks really bleak at low frequencies and high levels.
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    If anyone is interested, I have an FEA Opti-Fet listed in the classifieds.
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