Best bass for doom metal

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  1. I'm playing in an Electric Wizard/Cathedral/Orange Goblin-y bass heavy doom band in B standard & currently I'm playing a 5 string Schecter Omen with active pickups. As we all know it is against the law to play doom metal with active pickups.

    Anyway, I've been looking at p-basses & love the sound but prefer the jazz neck. At the moment I'm considering a Fender USA P-Bass (Standard/Deluxe probably) or the Aerodyne. I've tried out the Aerodyne & fallen in love with the way it plays but I'm wondering how the sound will compare with that of a proper P-Bass? I run through a big muff & a sansamp into an SVT4 + SVT810. Do I go with the Aerodyne because of the way it plays or stop being a wimp, buy a P-Bass for the sound & learn to love the neck?
  2. Feel is more important. You can change the most part of sound with a pup and string change and proper action.
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    Look around some more and I'm pretty sure you could find a bass with just the p p'up and a jazz style neck
  4. I play doom with active pups. Following the "law" is for chumps.
  5. I was (mostly) joking about the law, I just want that passive pup P-Bass punch. To be fair to the Aerodyne, it has more sustain than I expected & plays so well. I might just go for it, it is going through so much fuzz/overdrive anyway.
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    Fender Precision or G&L SB-2
  7. If you have tried the Aerodyne and love it, I see no need to continue this thread.

    On a side note, there are P basses with an "A" neck from the late '70s-'80s. I would try to find one of those, if you have to have a passive P with a Jazz neck...or build one.
  8. There is no best bass.
    My Carvin plays just fine. Lots of dudes use Rics too. There are all kinds of flavors of the doom swirl, pick the flavor you like and roll!
  9. Woah, I haven't seen one of "these" threads in a while. I'm a bit nostalgic for "Best bass for ______ metal" threads. I take it you've read [URL=" looking-good-bass-metal-click-here-first-672033/]this sticky thread, located 4 down on the basses sub-forum[/URL], or prepare to get flamed.

  10. I'd rock the Aerodyne because if it feels right, you can make it sound right. I think Frank Bello played one. Not doom, but metal.

    I can't view this thread beyond this post. The Mothman will soon appear with his harlot.
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    Ah heck, can the passive quest and go with a Warwick Vampyre Dark Lord or the blood stained Alex Hill Spector.
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    A white Steinberger through a Hartke combo. Doom as fVVk!
  13. dr146050.
  14. I just LOVE these descriptions! :D

    Electric Wizard??? lol. Yup, I know just the bass for that!!!
  15. Aerodyne it is, cheers guys. That butterfly bass does look pretty sweet though.
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    Dang it, you stole the joke I wanted to make!
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    Guild B302, Ovation Magnum, Kramer 450B. Basically if it is brown or walnut and has brass fittings it might just be ok. All those nasty unfashionable '70s basses that used to be cheap until the hipster beardcore faux stoners drove up the price by over-fetishing just another movement that was using the junk equipment of the day (think about Jazzmasters before grunge fethishised a similar thrifty aesthetic and ruined the entire point).

    Seriously I'm playing in a bass + drums doom project with my mate who is using Roland V-drums. I use a bunch of distortion pedals and I DI my bass. We are doing it all 'wrong', but I'm surprised that such a misanthropic and counter-establishment music genre suddenly developed such entrenched rules.
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    I am surprised that one bass in particular hasn't been mentioned yet. The one there is so many threads about.
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    If you can afford an MIA P bass, you can afford a Lakland Skyline. Get a Lakland Duck Dunn (the 44-64) - P bass body and pickup, jazz neck. Problem solved. Next!
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    Know how I know you didn't read the first post? :D