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Best Buy FTW

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by cap'n crunk, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. cap'n crunk

    cap'n crunk

    Apr 6, 2010
    So I'm out with the wife yesterday running errands. We need to pick up some chow for the dogs and the pet store we go to is right next to Best Buy, which, as of about a year ago, now has a mini-big-box-style (like a tiny GC) musical instruments store in it. So naturally, while she heads off to the art supply store (or whatever) in the same plaza, I opt to go check out BB. Figured I'd goof around with a Squire or two, maybe pick up a speaker cable I've been needing.

    I walk in the door and the first thing I see is a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz. I'm like, sweet, I've been wanting to check one of these out. So I pick it up, plug it into an Ampeg B115, and start running some lines on it. What a neck! I am very impressed. Very solid-feeling, nice neck pocket, pots are smooth, yadda yadda. I look at the tag. CLEARANCE, Clarence!


    They want ... drum roll, please ... a grand total of $640 for the bad boy. Black binding & blocks, Bad Ass II, US Vintage pups and all. I do exactly one double-take before heading over to the gentleman behind the counter to ask for a polishing cloth so I can make sure that the accumulated gunk on the finish is just standard floor-model hand grease and is not hiding any major flaws. A few very light scratches in the poly, but nothing that isn't going to show up soon enough anyway with the kind of play it's going to get in my house. So cha-ching! Happy unexpected new bass day for me! Thank you loss leaders, and thank you Best Buy.

    Postscript: The wife, as you may imagine, was less than amused. But she digs it. ;)
  2. mikeddd


    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    That's a $1K bass, new. So you saved 33% and all it's got are few tiny scratches? SCORE!!! :bassist: I probably would've bought it too; can't let a deal like that go by. I've never seen any stringed instruments at any BB...must be a new thing? Congratulations! Pics are in order, of course.
  3. cap'n crunk

    cap'n crunk

    Apr 6, 2010
    Thanks mikeddd! I'm definitely stoked ... pics to come later today. I think a black pearl pickguard w/ truss rod notch and a push/pull tone pot to give me a series/parallel option on the pups are in order for the Geddy.

    I'm curious: how do you like your GB Shuttle 6.0? I've been considering picking one up ...
  4. JimB52

    JimB52 User Supporting Member

    May 24, 2007
    East Coast
    BB > GC. Simple math.
  5. $1500 and change plus taxes here in Toronto, Canada; so yes one hell of a find/scoop. Congratulations.
  6. mikeddd


    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    I absolutely love it. I can get a lot of different sounds out of it; the tone controls, particularly the sweepable mid control are very responsive (cut and boost). The "instant access" low boost, mid scoop and high boost are nice to have. Combining them w/the tone controls gives you access to a whole palette of sounds.

    The tube preamp really does make a difference; gives a nice, warm tone. You can dial a little grit into the sound if that's your thing...though it's no substitute for an overdrive/fuzz stompbox.

    I also like the fact that it has a headphone jack...though bass through headphones kinda sucks, it's better than not playing at all at two in the morning. :D

    It is very light. In fact, it often almost vibrates right off the top of my cab. I bought a rackmount kit directly from GB and will be testing it out as a preamp along with a QSC GX5 poweramp. I currently have only one, 8-ohm cab (Avatar B212) and the Shuttle powers it nicely enough...gets loud enough to keep up and project no problem in a "pool party/backyard concert" setting. I don't exactly play any big stages :oops: so I can't comment on the 8-ohm performance of the Shuttle with a big band and megawatt PA.

    I want to see how much of a difference a decently sized poweramp makes. I plan on getting a B210 to go on top of the 212. The poweramp should make a big diff in the sound...tighter cone control and more oomph in general. W/the poweramp I'll have 500w x 2 @ 8ohms vs. 600w @ 4ohms shared b/t the cabs.

    There are a few TBers that use their Shuttle as pre and they're very happy w/the results. I just want to test it out and see if I like it, difference in sound, etc.

    In short, I'm very happy with the Shuttle and GB's customer service; just top-notch folks to deal with. :)
  7. St Drogo

    St Drogo

    Oct 9, 2009
    Grats about the find, but I disagree with the people who say it's a 1k or 1k+ bass. It might be now, but before the pricehike (yes I'm stil hung up on that thankyouverymuch) they were something like what you paid for it no?

    Still, with the way things are now, you got a great deal on that bass. Not sure if you got a great deal in and of itself, though...
  8. cap'n crunk

    cap'n crunk

    Apr 6, 2010
    mikeddd, thanks for the great thoughts on the Shuttle. Very helpful and all things to consider as I try to decide whether to fend off or concede to my latest attack of GAS.

    @St Drogo: I'm not sure I follow your logic. First of all, I don't think the Geddy was ever as low as $640 pre-price hike; I remember seeing them for around $750-$800. But in any case, that's moot, isn't it? Unless you've got a time machine and can zip on back to the days before the economy took a dump and Fender decided it wasn't charging its loyal customers enough as it was, you're pretty much stuck paying 2010 retail or looking around the various forums, auction sites, classifieds, etc., for used bargains. Speaking of which, an eBay search turns up one Geddy Lee for $689, complete with scratches, a chip, some headstock dings, and other assorted abuse; the rest on eBay range from about $750 to $900, and that's used and in varying states of wear. Not to be too contrarian -- I'll leave that to you -- but since BB lists the bass at $1,219, Bass Central has it at $1,199 (w/o case or bag; mine came w/ a bag), and MF lists it for the low low price of $999, I'd say I got a great deal on that bass AND a great deal in and of itself, thankyouverymuch.
  9. mikeddd


    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    ...and you got a gig bag? That just seals the deal, man! :D
  10. NKBassman

    NKBassman Lvl 10 Nerd Supporting Member

    Jun 16, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    Anybody know if Best Buys in Canada have instruments too?
  11. My local Best Buy keeps the complete line of Ritter Basses........In stock. And,so far it's went over really,really well with the moonshine'n'maryjaywanna click 'round these here parts.
  12. bigtexashonk

    bigtexashonk Supporting Member

    Great score and one of the best basses Fender makes now.
  13. St Drogo

    St Drogo

    Oct 9, 2009
    Crap! How did YOU know about my delorean!? :D

    I didn't mean to rain on your parade, my apologies if I came across as such, because you're right of course; you did get a great deal. Also, I may have been wrong about the pre-pricehike geddy price, I thought it was about 600. I guess the lo-fat diet my wallet is on at the moment is making me a bit jealous and crabby:p

    Seriously, I hear these basses are great, I hope you're very happy with it. You'rewelcomeverymuch.
  14. the best buy around here only sells acoustic guitars and keyboards.
  15. MPica


    Feb 13, 2010
    Awesome score there, good for you!
    Coincidentally, we are apparently neighbors. The shopping plaza you described sounds like one thats down the road from me. Best Buy, Petsmart, and a Art crafts store(Michael's, maybe? Can't remember...)
  16. Time Consumer

    Time Consumer

    Jan 27, 2008
    Joliet Ill.
    Yeah, that kinda sux, I wonder how they picked which stores got the good instrument selection, seeing as I live in a town with a ton of musicians in it, yet our BB only has keyboards and first act guitars and basses and acoustics. Its cool, tho, we have a GC and 2 or 3 good mom n pop places in the area, maybe they figured there was too much competition.
  17. nato101010


    Dec 12, 2009
    Yeah, really!

    Why is that? 1500$ for a few more miles to travel, and our dollar happens to be very very to USD?

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