Best Choice in practice amp with effects

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  1. can any one give me advice on the best choice in practice bass amp with effects novice small bedroom.Thank you...#1 Fender Rumble LT 25 8 inch 25 watt $229 #2 Roland Bass cube 20 watt 8 inch $219 #3 Peavey VYPYR modeling amp 8 inch 20 watt $149.
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    May 4, 2006
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    Based on your list of ideas, I don't suggest combo amp with effects built into it. I suggest getting a bigger speaker/bigger wattage combo and something from Zoom's library of multi effects. Like this: Zoom G1 FOUR Multi-effects Processor

    20 watt combos are going to sound terrible with effects when amplified. Now if you are using headphones, that could be a different story, but it will really depend on the pair of headphones you buy. A 100 watt 15" speaker combo plus the effects pedal would sound much better, it would likely motivate you to play more, and you could do low volume jams with other musicians. In addition, many of bigger standard combos have a headphone output and now you have a much larger selection to achieve the same end result.

    You can always go used for a multi-effects pedal and a combo. Zoom has a lot out there and the effects are actually decent.