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  1. An excellent site that runs an ongoing survey about "The 1,000 Best Ever Albums". Anyone else ever go on this site?

    The current ranking, according to their results, are found here:

    However, they also give you the chance to make your own version of the list (with up to 40 albums). My version here:

    Anyone else do this? If so, links to your list(s)?

    As for everyone else, contrary opinions are always interesting to hear....
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    I've checked it out before and didn't get past the first page because I disagreed with 6 of their top ten. I mean really, Radiohead at number 1? I'm not saying they are a bad band but I don't think they deserve to be in the top twenty never mind holding the top spot. These types of lists are so subjective that they really don't mean much.
  3. Radiohead at #1, #9, and #14. Out of 1,000.

    I quit reading after that. Obvious bias is obvious.
  4. Yeah, I disagree with many facets of the results (Radiohead, Oasis, Nirvana, REM, etc) but I some of them I very much agree with (Pink Floyd at #2, #15, #22; The Clash at #10).
  5. This is one of those subjects where I think "curation" is more useful than aggregating a lot of people's opinions. It's interesting to know what a specific person thinks are really great albums (assuming you care about that specific person's taste, anyway), but pooling a bunch of internet users' opinions just converges to a very, very predictable common denominator.

    As an example, Piero Scaruffi's "best albums" list ( is interesting even though I disagree strongly with some of his opinions. It has what you might call a "curator's voice".

    I guess it goes without saying that these lists are always about rock/pop albums. There doesn't seem to be such a listing mania in other genres, and it would be just bizarre to try to integrate all of music and argue about which of _Sgt. Pepper_, _Let My Children Hear Music_, and the Hollywood String Quartet recording of "Verklaerte Nacht" was better.