Best EXT for Iamp 350 Combo?

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    Nov 27, 2004
    Boulder, CO
    I need to get a little more out of my Euphonic Audio iAmp 350 combo (single 10") for both 5 string electric (all active) and double bass (Gage Realist) and want to get an extension cab. I'm planning to keep with the EA brand, but there are still many choices - CXL-112, Wizzy 10, Wizzy 12, etc. I'm trying to keep it light, so the NL 210 is probably not my best solution, but if the sound is right, I'll put up with the extra schlep. Also, I COULD use my SWR Redhead, but I am liking the sound of the EA better in general, not to mention the portability.

    Can I get experiential advice on any options from other players?

    The situations I'm playing in where I find I don't have enough drive (whether it's speaker area of simply wattage) include the following:

    - Salsa band in a club with loud percussion, multiple horns and loud PA
    - Zappa Rep band in loud rock clubs
    - Double Bass on large stages with drums in loud clubs

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I think you're going to be limited by impedance issues? The Wizzy cabs are 4 ohm, and IIRC the iAmp 350 wants 4 ohms or higher, which means your extension cab needs to be 8 ohms. I'd double check with Gary at EA though to be sure. I've seen conflicting reports here on TB. In any case, my iAmp350 ran out of gas before I would be comfortable with it on a funk or hard rock gig. I traded it for an iAmp800 and was much happier in those situations.

    PM me If you ever want to come out here and try my CxL-112, or maybe you could wait for the next GTG in Portland. Sorry you missed the recent Hood River one.;)
  3. I think adding a 2nd cab (provided you're getting to the impedance issue) will provide plenty of oomph. I have the 350 head and pair it with a 1 X 12 and a 2 X 10 whence I need a lot of volume. Both are Aggie cabs (GS112 and S210).

    But, I can imagine situations, when the rig is providing all the volume to the house, where you might struggle--e.g., the experimental noise rock gig at the local community center.
  4. Tanglehead


    Nov 27, 2004
    Boulder, CO
    Well, I decided to stick with the 350 and bought an EA CXL 110 E ( Thanks talkbass member WARK !)

    So far, it's been perfect, but I'll have to test it on a louder gig, like a salsa band in a loud club. I think if I have to get louder than what this mini stack will allow (iAmp 350 Combo plus the CXL 110) I'll just have to haul out my SWR Super Redhead and Son of Bertha rig. That's always been plenty for me, but is bigger than what want or need for many gigs.

    Thanks to the responders, and best of luck to the lurkers/viewers.

    brian / tanglehead