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  1. im sure this has been asked many times before, but i have a huge migrane right now and to lazy to look, so im going to shut my eyes and type..

    im going to start building up a ' mini studio ' in my house, nothing big, nothing special.. just for me and my buddys to record songs and have them come out good.

    now i need to know what mics are best for main concern is getting that.. " static hiss " in the background of ALL my mic recordings... what mics will not give me any "hiss" and be very clear just so vocals,bass,guitar whatever sounds like it should.

    what mic for-

    Bass Guitar-
    Electric Guitar-
    Drum Mics-

    thanks guys... and sorry if this is ' just another post about microphones' .. ok, im gonna go pop some pain killers for my head.

    edit-and i dont want to really relie on my LINE OUT port on my amp, i perfer micing evreything, i think?
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    Sep 25, 2001
    Syracuse N.Y.
  3. 57 would suprise you with amazing result.

    But if you want to record vocals, you might want to get a large diaphragm mic. My suggestion would be trying a Shure KSM 32, or 44.

    It's basically a cardioid condenser mic, except 44 which has a polar pattern select switch, and a slightly different sound than 32.

    This is the mic that is on Jay Leno's table. The reason I recommend this mic, is simply because of it's affordable price and quality. I think they're quite good. But again, 57 would almost get everything done nicely:)
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