Best new filter prize goes to......!!

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    Available soon. A Mutron III clone with waaay more parameters...drool.


    The details...

    Channel one is low-pass only and has the following controls:
    - gain (signal volume through filter section)
    - sensitivity (response to playing dynamics)
    - peak / Q
    - range (4 choices, highest is equivalent to highest of Mutron III, lowest is substantially lower than MutronIII 'low' selection)
    - drive up/down
    - start point for down drive (internal trimpot on MutronIII, more useful on the front panel)
    - effect / clean signal blend

    Channel two is LP/BP/HP switchable with all the controls of channel one plus:
    - frequency tune (max setting -> normal, turn down to tune resonant peak down through frequencies - also increases gain (side effect) for some nice sounds)
    - attack / decay (for 'hard' envelope sounds or more subtle, slower attack slower decay sounds)

    Channel two also has expression pedal control contrl of sweep.

    Two footswitches - bypass and channel select. LEDs indicate which channel is selected, turn off to indicate effect is bypassed (true-bypass).
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    Gimeeee - I want one, but can't find it on the site :-(
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    I'm very impressed, a Mutron3 clone with more control sounds like a filter junkies wet dream...
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    Holy Moe, Larry, Shemp, Curly and Joe!:eek: Look at the control on that thing, ie!
  5. I guess these are kits...? They sell that phase one pre-built and soon the dual-filter "Rubber fetish" as well I think. You can get the PCB and box from them...the extrabits you can get anywhere. I should build this thing or what....!