Best octave (up) pedal?

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  1. Ok, I'm no effects guru. My board is currently L6 G-50 - tuner pedal - SCR-DI to amp. Lately, my one band has been playing as a 3 piece (4 with/lead vocalist who does not play an instrument). I saw a thread about doubling your bass into a guitar amp, after bumping it up an octave and I'm interested in giving that a shot to fill out the sound a little more when guitar plays solos, as there is some dropoff on some of the songs we play. Does anyone have any good tips for a signal splitter, as well as an octave pedal to accomplish this? I have a spare tuner pedal, some guitar effects, and a pretty ok tube guitar amp - I just need to get the signal split and raised an octave...

    thanks in advance!
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    You want a digital effect.

    Digitech Bass Whammy is awesome, offers more than just one octave up.

    EHX Pog is good for just octave up or down.

    Lots of folks dig the TC Sub N Up.

    Sometimes playing your line an octave higher using an octave down might be what the song needs.

    Avoid an analog octave, they suck with bass unless it's a fuzz like a Brassmaster or Superfuzz, but those aren't really octave pedals at all, the fuzz just sounds an octave up.
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    If you can find a used one, the Mooer Tender Octaver works really well too. In addition you get the lower octave if you want.
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    MicroPOG is what you want. You can send the effected signal to a different amp too because it has wet/dry outs. You'll need to dirty it up a bit because it does sound kind of sterile, but it's definitely easy to make it work in a band context. Of course there are other options too, this is just the only one I have experience with. I also have used an Eventide Pitchfactor to create an octave up as well as an octave+5 to give an instant power chord type thing.
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    I recommend the Mooer Tender, EHX HOG2/POG2/MicroPOG, or Digitech Bass Whammy. The Whammy Ricochet is cool too and can be set to do momentary divebombs when you tap the switch.

    I want to try the SubNUp too - I don't like the way the octave up is EQ'd out of the box but that can all be tweaked via the Toneprint app.

    I'm currently toying with a Bass Whammy for octave up, into a Whammy V for harmonies. Probably going to keep the Bass Whammy for harmony duties (since my two favourite modes are not on the V) and find another octave up.

    The HOG2 with all its presets, 5ths, and on board wah is very tempting also!

    In terms of signal split, you can use a Boss tuner or LS-2, a stereo chorus, etc... But you can get noisy ground loops when running to two amps, so best to get an ABY box with isolated outputs (e.g. Radial Bigshot IO / Twin City).
  6. I use an Akai UniBass and the pitch shifter that Zoom has in it's pedals. I have also in the past used a Digitech Whammy and one of the reasons I keep the old BP8.
  7. If all you wanted to do was to emulate a guitar with the pitch shifted signal into an guitar amp, your best bet is the Nano/Micro POG from EHX because of their dry output. Some people, including myself, don't really vibe with the tone of the POGs but their tracking is great.

    I would recommend going with a Digitech Bass Whammy. Unfortunately, to achieve what you want to do would require a signal split. I think it's worth it IMO. Although it is large (and requires the included special power supply) it is the best bang-for-the-buck pedal out there.

    The built-in expression pedal and MIDI capability make it pretty versatile, not to mention all the different pitch shifts and harmonies. Oh, and it has a killer "chorus" mode (detune).

    Side note: this may not tickle everyone's fancy, but the toggle switch for the "Chord"(polyphonic) and "Classic"(monophonic) modes is 80% of the reason why I switched from the Whammy DT. I'm a HUGE RATM fan so the glitch noises is what makes me smile :)

    TLDR; Nano/Micro POG for guitar sound, Bass Whammy for awesome pedal.

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    my choice for octave up is 1) blended - EHX Pitchfork 2) Digitech Bass Whammy. that's it.
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    OP: another option for your consideration is an Eventide H9. It's not cheap, but it's top quality.
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  11. You guys are awesome - thank you so much for the tips! So now I'm looking at the Whammy - and thinking I could maybe get by with just that pedal - this is a country band, and I wouldn't think I'd be needing much in the way of dirt - so why couldn't I just stay in my bass amp and just use the pitch shifting effect... Looks like the EHX Pitchfork would basically give me the same thing, or the Digitech Whammy Ricochet? How about the Zoom B3 - does it have a useable pitch shifting ability?
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    The Boss/Roland gear is good for that 'second guitarist'.

    The new compact Boss GT-1B tee'd out to a guitar amp, can do
    input > pitch up 1 octave > Fx1-Harmonist +3rd > Fx2-Harmonist +5th > OD/DS distortion > Amp Sim > Reverb > Delay > output.

    or the GT-10B or GT-100 which both do parallel processing paths with the same chain above mixed with the dry bass signal into a bass amp.
    Each note on the bass gives you a triad guitar chord.

    I have also used ( and still use) the Roland GR-55 synth (requires the GK-3B hex pickup), with the guitar modelling + 2 x PCM synth guitar chord tones into guitar amp sim and effects mixed together with my regular bass tone, the Expression pedal mixes in the guitar tone when required.

    Also the Boss SY-300 synth (similar to the Future Impact) works well, with the synth producing 3 voices and run through the internal effects for distortion/drive and reverb/delay.
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    I've tried: Bass Whammy, H9/Pitchfactor, Pitchfork, Micro POG, Tender Octaver, B3

    For my money, the B-wham and H9 are the best for tracking, tone and as little latency as possible, so good choice.

    Don't forget about that famous 5th Up/1oct Up harmony setting too, great for filling in harmonically.

    Don't be afraid to play around with the Classic/Chords switch - most people leave it on Chords for the better tracking, but since it's country and depending on what you're playing, the Classic mode tracks decently enough and IMO has a better tone than the Chords mode.
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    I'm doing exactly this, bass into Saturnworks active bass aby, wet signal through volume pedal and the Pitchfork. There's a hint of latency in the lowest notes and it sounds like an organ, but useful for filling space and chords sound great.
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    Do some research on the band "Royal Blood". Is a two man band of a drummer and a bassist that sings and doubles his basslines through effects to create the "guitar" for the band. He's using EHX POGs to create the effect and has several of them. Not the least expensive way to go, but it works for him.
    Have been considering something similar to this for my band as well, being a former guitarist and having only 1 guitar in the band. EHX makes several versions of the POG including a micro. The POG is one of the few octavers on the market that do an octave UP. Not many others. I was contemplating using an ABY box so that I could split the signals and alternate them at will.
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    I just had a competition on this. The Whammy Ricochet won for best tracking and small size. But on my small board, the new EXH Canyon multi-effect delay has a great octave up setting too, turning the feedback up gives it an organ sound.
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  17. Your initial post talked about using a guitar amp, but if you don't need/want to, the pitchfork could do what you need. I would still recommend the Bass Whammy, though.

    I'm not much of a country guy, but you COULD sorta get into a lap steel or slide guitar territory with the whammy using the Harmony section. All you need to do is use the expression pedal to glide into those harmony notes.
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    Oct 20, 2015

    Look at this guy's other "Royal Blood" videos. He has some pretty good tips for getting that doubled sound.

    Edit..I just saw the part about your's being a country band so maybe the Royal Blood sound may be a little over the top. The idea is still the same - just sans dirt.
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    I was quite happy with the Ricochet too, but found in the end the Bass Whammy had a slight edge over it in terms of creating a realistic sounding fake guitar with minimal artifacts. Very similar algorithms but I guess the BW is ever so slightly optimised for pitch shifting basses instead of guitars.
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  20. I'm actually a big fan of Royal Blood - that's what actually got me thinking of splitting my signal into bass/guitar amps. If I can avoid that level of complication, and still get the job done, I'd like to - less gear to schlep, etc. So is the Bass Whammy markedly better than the regular Whammy? I've done some reading and it sounds like the regular whammy does pretty well tracking bass - although I wonder how it would do on the low B...

    At this point - I'm thinking Whammy (bass or regular....) or Pitchfork. The whammy sounds, well, really cool.....

    I do like the idea of the 5th/Octave up - I think that could really fill the space in nicely...

    My big problem is that I know once I start goofing around with this, it'll be straight down the rabbit hole for me! I'm going to need a bigger board.....