Best paid subscriptions for tabs and chord charts?

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  1. I've been looking for charts to a few songs that one of my bands wants to do, and I'm having a hard time finding them. Not looking for sheet music, just accurate chord charts, mainly. Ultimate Guitar sometimes has what I need in their unpaid section but because we have keys I really need charts rather than tabs and they're often not there, or not any good.

    I could take the time and trouble to pick out the chords on my own keyboard and write out the charts but I'm wondering if others here have suggestions. Where do I get the best bang for my buck if I'm looking for good charts for songs that aren't necessarily common or in everyone's playlist?
  2. Anyone? Or should I just pay for a subscription to Ultimate Guitar and take my chances?
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    Google is your friend... type in subscription sheet music and you'll see some options.

    I can't personally vouge for any of them...
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    If I need some help, I just Google the song name and bass tab. I generally don't like using tab, but sometimes I need a shortcut.
  5. I bought and paid for a subscription to Ultimate Guitar. Waste of money. Even after paying for 37 upgrades. Steer clear. I deleted it from my phone, and spam blocked from my email. If Apple had a shred of integrity, they’d block the app. Just the worst thing of all time.
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  6. Sorry guys, late to reply. I should have mentioned I'm a pretty good Googler. I've googled to death but the charts I'm looking for aren't very clearly available, at least not that I've found. Example; I couldn't find a decent chord chart for EWF's version of Got to Get you Into My Life to pass along to our keyboard player so I had to work it out myself. I sort of wish the keyboard player would do that, but I digress. Anyway, thank you for the input and thank you for the comments on Ultimate Guitar. I haven't spent any money on anything yet, just time, and it seems like that's probably the way it's going to be.
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    I just g
    I just Googled "Got to get you into my life sheet music" lots of options (mostly Beatles) but including: Download Got To Get You Into My Life (Earth Wind & Fire Version) Sheet Music By The Beatles - Sheet Music Plus

    Sometimes it's about knowing which keywords to use. Can't say that this is subscription based (didn't check), but I'd guess you can find sheet music for just about anything.
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    Another option you may consider is to do this all electronically. This is purely theoretical (haven't tried it yet) but something that you may want to explore and will save you a butt load of money in a very short time if it works. It involves use of two pieces of software. Wondershare (probably other options) and Musescore.

    I use Wonderhare to convert music formats WAV to Mp3, MP4 (video) to Mp3 (useful for turning a You Tube track into an Mp3). I think this cost me $25-35. They have a free on line version, but I wanted to not require connection for it tow work. It claims that it can convert Mp3 to MIDI files. (I have not done this yet - on my list for tonight).

    Musescore is software that allows for sheet music generation. I use it so far to manually generate sheet music. It is a little clumsy but get easier as you use it. My guitar player uses Musescore files to generate the tabs he needs. MUsecore has an option that allows you to use a MIDI interface to generate a score (that test is on the horizon); I'm thinking perhaps you may be able to feed it a MIDI file. (I have not done this yet either but gong to test tonight). I think this was free software.

    If this approach works, you don't have to pay for individual copies of sheet music and if you have a track of it, you cold make the charts.
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    Follow up on previous suggestion. This concept failed miserably:

    First, Wondershare does not convert TO MIDI. It says it can take MIDI to MP3. but not the reverse. So I hunted around and found a free online site that does ("Bear " something or other) and was able to turn an MP3 into a MIDI file. (Be careful what you click if you find that site - lots of buttons that appear to do conversion, but actually are just ad bait for other sites.)

    You can import a MIDI file into MuseScore, but the results are not usable. Even just a simple KB part is pretty ugly and not usable - wasn't even a good starting point for manual editing.

    So experiment over, DIY charts form MP3s are not a viable option with the tools I used.
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    There's a "Tabulature and Notation" forum here at TB. You might want to post your question there, as well as a list of the songs you're looking for to see if anyone else has them.
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    Unless the song is very complicated, I will chart it out with lyrics and chords, print it, and add it to my "acoustic guitar songbook" binder. Ironically, I rarely use the charts for bass lines as I memorize them and usually don't forget what to play, but I like having a chart on hand just in case.

    As a curtesy, I will send the chart to band members.
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    I have two subscriptions that I use quite a bit. The first is Sheet Music Direct, which is run by Hal Leonard Publishing. Charts are available in various formats including tabs, lead sheets, Piano/Vocal/Guitar, etc. and most can be transposed and the downloaded as a .pdf file. The second is e-chords, which contains user contributed content including some tabs but mostly lead sheets. These can be transposed, or copied and pasted into Word for editing. Some are accurate and some are not.

    Of course in most cases I could learn these songs by ear and then write my own chord charts but the services above can help me save time if I have a lot of songs to learn in a short time frame.
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    Or just use your ears. It will pay off in the end ;)
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    Another vote for ears. Internet tabs are about as accurate as news stories that pop up on facebook.
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    I use Songsterr. I've never had much luck with Ultimate Guitar for guitar or bass.
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  16. Years ago there were tons of free resources online. I probably printed off tabs for 200+ songs off tabworld back in the day. But it went south when sites started allowing a lot of inaccurate content and asking you to pay money. May sound crazy but if I want to quickly learn a cover song the first place I look is YouTube actually.