Best pick-ups for a P-bass/J-bass?

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  1. I'm lookin to get some new pick-ups for my two basses. Both of them are passive.
    My P-bass is a fretless 4 string. I'm looking to get a really nice, warm, clean tone out of it. I detune it down to B-E-A-D a lot. I might be buying a new fretted neck for it soon, though. I'm not sure.
    My J-bass is a fretted 5 string. I want to get a fat tone out of this. The pick-ups on it now are total crap. The B string is way too quiet.
    I've looked at EMG's, but I want some suggestions. Should I convert them to active? I'm kinda clueless what to do, this is my first time modding a bass.
  2. If you want to spend alot of money.

    For the P-bass, bartolinis or Nordstrand

    for the J-Bass, Aero's or Nordstrand
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    Sep 20, 2003
    To me Bartolini's are very fat, so that might be a something to try for the J bass. No clue on the P though.
  4. if you don't have much money to spend, go with dimarzio's or seymour duncan basslines
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    A vote for Lindy Fralins, P, J or P/J which is what I've been using in my Wilkins Custom P/J's, IMHO these pickups are nicely balanced Warm & Sweet.

  6. thanks for all the info!