Best PJ setup. First time p pickup user

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    Oct 22, 2018
    Hello fellow low enders. I’ve currently acquired my first bass with a PJ setup. I’ve always had JAZZ OR MM style pickups so I’m not used to p-bass pickups, I’ve been looking into changing the stock pickups on my newly acquired Yamaha attitude standard from the early 90’s

    What I’m currently thinking is

    Emg GZR pjhz Geezer Butler

    Seymour Duncan SPB-4 & STK-J2b

    Norstrand npj blades (clear and clean)

    Pro’s & con’s to these models?

    Any other recommendations?

    I don’t like emg pickups but the pjhz are passive and open poles plus I love sabbath bass tone. Seymour Duncan’s Steve Harris is a hot vintage which I love but I’ve heard mixed things about mixing it with the STK-J2b.
    And norstrand are norstrand, great but expensive.


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