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Best power tubes?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by miktit, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. miktit

    miktit Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2001
    Which kind of tubes do You prefer and why?
    How do they sound like?

    I'm thinking of replacing my tubes in my Mesa 400+
    I think it uses 6L6 tubes, but I was wondering if I can replace them with different types to change the sound.

    Any experiences with changing tubes are welcome

    Mikkel Tiedt
  2. coyoteboy

    coyoteboy easy there, Ned Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2000
    Sactomato, CA
    I haven't changed the power tubes in my DB 728, but I'm getting close. I've heard really good things about the JJ/Tesla tubes from reliable sources, so I think I'm going to get a set of JJ KT88's to replace my aging Svet 6550's. The Svet 6550's are really good tubes, which is why Aguilar uses them as stock equipment, but I want to try something different. A good online tube resource with lots of links is www.unclespot.com. Spot is a local/Bay Area vintage amp tech that I was lucky to find.

    Good prices for JJ/Tesla tubes can be found at www.eurotubes.com.
  3. Try this site:


    and look under the test results for 6L6/5881 tubes, paying particular attention to the results for bass applications.

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