Best preamp/pedal for going ampless

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    Our band is trying to go to an ampless setup (as much as possible, anyway). A major step in this direction was the lead guitarist finding a way to go direct with an elaborate system of gizmos that sounds great. Since I do the sound when we are in venues where there is no FOH, I'm looking to lighten the load for me. If I don't have to lug my current rig (Barefaced 6x10 cab with Carvin B1500 and dbx 266 compressor in a 4U rack case) it would save my back and room in the truck. Our PA setup is 2 Evolve 50 column array units plus a Presonus Air15 sub fed by a Carvin Concert 16-channel analog mixer. I submix the drums and the 4 instruments played by one of the players from a Soundcraft 12 channel mixer going into the Carvin. We will be using EIMs instead of wedges.

    So, my question is: what product is best for me to go ampless? I have checked out a lot of the video reviews of Sansamp and Darkglass products and they seem to emphasize a distorted, raspy, mid-heavy sound that I find horrible. We play a variety of material that includes classic rock, blues, pop, soul, country, etc. depending on the venue. We are not super loud and I am looking for a regular, non-distorted bass sound.
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    You'll get hundreds of different opinions on this one. For clean tone I prefer the Ampeg scrdi. A/B'd it against the sansamp and tonehammer and it just had a more natural tone to me. For distorted tones, I use a darkglass Alpha/Omega, the blendable tones just gave me what I wanted.
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    Thank you. I listened to the Sweetwater demo of this unit and it sounds more like what I'm looking for; and it less expensive than the Mesa Subway+ unit I was considering. I have a Mesa Walkabout Scout 12 with a Subway 15 extension speaker that I use for small venues that I would imagine that Subway pedal might sound like.
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    Lots of great choices IMO. Despite the demos, I can assure you that the BDDI V2, PDDI, VTDI and TH are excellent options and do not have to come across with a raspy edge, buzzsaw distortion or screaming mids. I've played some of my biggest gigs (classic rock and country) with just a BDDI. The MXR M-80 is also a good budget play and you can use the distortion channel in ways other than just distortion, or for a few dollars more the M-81 is very clean.
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    You’ll probably get a lot more advice if you post this same question in the Effects or live sound sections. Those two sections seem to have a lot more information about going ampless
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    I'll plug the humble Aguilar THDI. Small and pretty cheap on the used market. Can be powered by an 18v power supply, batteries or phantom power. Sits well in a mix.

    But there are soooooooooo many choices and it's such a biiiiiiiiiiiig rabbit hole. Enjoy the journey!!
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    Thank you, all.
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