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Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Yamarc, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Yamarc

    Yamarc Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2002
    Okemos, MI
    I love listening/watching AJ go to work! Please list your favorite AJ recordongs including audio AND video. Thanks
  2. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    The O'Jays: 'For the Love of Money' + their albums from this period: 'Ship Ahoy' etc.

    Chaka Khan: 'Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?'

    Donald Fagen: 'Ruby Baby' and 'IGY' (from 'The Nightfly')

    The albums by Eyewitness (Steve Khan's group): all OOP as far as I know.

    3CD bootleg of Steve Khan, AJ and Dennis Chambers in Germany - this turns up regularly in trading circles.

    There's not a whole lot of decent AJ footage out there.
  3. hieronymous


    Nov 28, 2002
    Northern CA
    The short bass breaks on the tune "Electric Rendezvous" from the Al DiMeola album of the same name are cool - IIRC, in an old issue of Guitar Player he said they were influenced by the 20th century composer Oliver Messiaen.

    I also have a soft spot for the album Casino - especially the cover of Chick Corea/Return to Forever's "Captain Senor Mouse". You can hear how he switches from pick during the main part of the song to fingers under the guitar solo.

    Actually, that was one of my favorite things about Anthony Jackson - the fact that he played with both pick and fingers. But we don't need to get into the whole "pick vs. fingers" thing here...
  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    And "My Rival" & "Glamour Profession", both from Steely Dan's Gaucho album.
    Great, happenin' stuff!
    Wish I had known that before plunking down my $75!
    There is the one tune on Calle 54(worth having anyway with all the other artists).
    Someone else here was blabbing about another AJ DVD...with Ritenour?

    From an interview I read way back when...AJ liked his work on Eric Gale's Ginseng Woman, especially the title track. IIRC, he said the track was a 'bass solo' without overtly being a bass solo.
    The Michel Camilo material with AJ is also worth hearing.
  5. Yamarc

    Yamarc Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2002
    Okemos, MI
    Anyone heard the new Hiromi album with AJ on it?
  6. PlayTheBass

    PlayTheBass Supporting Member

    Dec 7, 2004
    Carmichael, CA
    +1!! Calle 54 is an AMAZING video if you're at all interested in latin jazz. Maybe even if you're not! The piece with Camilo, Jackson, and El Negro is just stunning. When I first watched it, I immediately called a drummer friend of mine and told him to drop whatever he was doing and come check it out. We watched it over and over, and our jaws didn't leave the floor. They move effortlessly through some wild changes in dynamics and feel, and Jackson does a great solo (though the drum solo was even more amazing to me).

    AJ's work on Camilo's albums is great, too.
  7. Everything he's done with DiMeola is brilliant. I like the Camilo work too.
  8. That was probably me! :D

    Yeah, Lee has a new DVD coming out called Overtime. It features different bands covering all the different genres of music he's tackled over his storied career. AJ is on the DVD alot as well as Melvin Lee Davis! Can't wait to see this one. If you go to and listen to the streaming media player, they play some tracks off of Overtime. Good sounding stuff. And it's recorded in HD!

    There's also a Rit DVD from '90 with AJ in it. Live from The Coconut Grove has all AJ except for a few tracks with Brian Bromberg on UB. So it's good all around. The video and audio are better then I expected. Worth buying for sure. Has alot of shots of AJ tearing it up.

    Other AJ stuff I love:

    Michel Camilo: Triangulo - One More Once
    Steve Khan: Public Access
    Hiromi: Brain

    Alot of good albums out there with Anthony. He's quite the versatile player.

    Also, check out and go to the video section. The clip on there is with AJ.
  9. That's for sure! This DVD really opened up my eyes to Anthony's playing. A very good purchase. Lots of other good music on there too for the jazz lover.

    Yes! It's a must have. AJ is only on three tracks like the first album but Tony Grey is incredible on the others. Pick it up for sure.
  10. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Lord, how could I forget?!
  11. jusplayinmybass


    Apr 17, 2003
    Conyers, Ga
    Keith McMillan Instruments, SIT Strings, Accugroove Cabinets
    AJ has done some stuff with Will Downing too. Probably my favorite song is called' Share My World'. It's on the 'All The Man You Need' CD. The bass line on that song is sheer genius. He also plays on a song called 'Real Soon' on the same CD. His use of the expression pedal is great. I hope to be as tasteful with it one day. B Easy

  12. Haha, see the monster you more experienced AJ fans have created?! :D You all are to blame!

    Just spreading the word of good music...
  13. He's in the "Simon and Garfunkle: Live in New York" DVD, but he doesn't do anything too amazing on that, he holds the groove though thats for sure.
  14. sricabla


    Jul 4, 2003
    San Francisco
    Nice solo of AJ in Funk in a Mason Jar with Harvey Mason.What a solo on Phantasia!
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