Best simple way to record live outdoor show

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  1. With's the best mic placement on stage to record a live outdoor show. We've got a laptop, and a preamp, and a dynamic vocal mic that i'm thinking of trying out next weekend. .Where would be a good place to put it on stage to get the best mix or is it just hit, miss, and learn for next time?
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    If you've only got a single mic, the best place is going to be out in the audience area where you get a decent mix of everything. It is impossible to get a good recording on the stage with even a few mics. You have to be able to catch the vocals as well as the instruments and you can only get a good balance from out in front of the stage.

    If you want to do this in the future, I recommend that you look into something like the Zoom H4 mini digital recorder. It is the size of a mic with stereo or even surround recording capabilities. You just stick it on a mic stand out in front of the stage (it's battery powered) and record everything - even the audience if you want.