Best strings for G&L L2000?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I've recently started playing again after a 2 year sabbatical. Currently have a 1996 American-made L2000, which I bought some time ago but haven't played until very recently. Still getting used to the wide neck and intense pick-ups! Just restrung it with some 40-100 rotosound swing bass strings I had lying around, for something temporary - they are a gauge i'd never liked (was playing 45-105 on a slim-necked jazz bass for years) but i'm finding them quite agreeable for my extremely rusty left hand & the very wide bass neck. I play with a far lighter touch and it's less stress on both hands. The tone is very familiar though (and perhaps doesn't agree with this bass as well as my previous), and I'm looking at playing this new bass as starting from scratch so I can adopt a different approach to technique and hopefully come up with some fresh sounds.
    So I am open to advice/experiences with what sounds great on this bass? Something new! Can be steel, flat, round or hex. Just whatever you find can unleash this bass's potential.
  2. Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones

    Sep 18, 2019
    Sylacauga AL
    Thomastik Infeld Jazz Rounds. Will mate well with your light touch. Sound great for a long, long time. Very modern sounding. Not a lot of string noise. Best strings I've ever played.
  3. Great strings. Also look at the TI Superalloys if you want a conventional string.
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  4. thanks for the recommendation - was actually looking at demos of the TI flats earlier but will check these out; do they fit into conventional nuts without issue?
  5. BrentSimons

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    Mar 4, 2004
    Vergennes,VT USA
    Hi there,
    I've used D'Addario XL's, Rotosound Swing Bass 66's steel and nickels and Dunlop Super Bright nickels on my L2000 with good results. My L2k was a custom build and has G&L's #8 (Jazz neck). I've been using 45-105 gauges. The SB Dunlops 45-105 feel like a 40-100 set tension wise to me? I hope this helps!
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  6. I never had one.
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  7. Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones

    Sep 18, 2019
    Sylacauga AL
    Yes to the fit question and also they are very supple. You may have to tweak the truss rod a touch. However you will be rewarded with awesome playability and tone.
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  8. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    TI Jazz Rounds.
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  9. seescottrock

    seescottrock Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2011
    Utica, NY
    It might be sacrilege but I loved Ernie Ball Hyper Slinky's on mine.
  10. FunkHead

    FunkHead Supporting Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Dogal JH172's
  11. bigdaddybass12


    Feb 26, 2021
    Regardless of strings,,,nice bass!
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  12. Was considering those as well, my (perhaps questionable) logic being that if both strings and bass are manufactured in the same place they are more likely to complement one another
  13. Thanks, here it is. Big change from my jazz but it's growing on me a lot
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  14. Are they very hard to find? There are a few UK based places but they all seem to be out of stock. Can get short scale or extra-long scale, or else just the flats. Where sells them?!
  15. seescottrock

    seescottrock Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2011
    Utica, NY
    I too play with a very light touch and I find them to be the goldilocks zone as far as playability goes. They sound great too!
  16. When I played 45-105 strings on my previous bass my touch was quite heavy - I found those strings sounded great with that attacky/punch sound. But with these 40-100 strings don't respond quite as well to forceful plucking, they require a lot less effort to sound great. Completely different pick-ups as well is likely a factor... it's good though, feels like I don't have to 'fight' with the bass anymore, with either hand
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  17. 80jazz


    Jun 28, 2008
    I don't think you can go wrong with the Rotos.

    I will say if you like 40-100, you may like 40-95 as well.
  18. Gilmourisgod


    Jun 23, 2014
    Cape Cod MA
    I have D’Addario nickel rounds on my L2k, easier on the frets and fingers, hold the “zing” longer than Roto 66, which EAT frets. Everyone raves about TI flats, never tried them.
  19. In contrast, I feel that you can't go right with them! :roflmao:
  20. Lo-E


    Dec 19, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    I like nickel roundwounds that lean towards the brighter side on my 3 L2000s. I’ve tried quite a few out (which I documented in a very old thread which I’ll try to find for you) and liked several but I’ve found D’Addario XL to be a very nice set on an L2000; not very expensive, last a decent amount of time, not hard to find and they’re comfortable to play and sound good.

    If you’re enjoying the 40-100 gauges, stick with them! I was strictly 45-105 for years but I’ve been gravitating towards lighter gauges recently. It’s just easier on the hands.