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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MAJOR METAL, Sep 16, 2002.


    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    I cant afford a real Beatle bass but is their any good copy's out their.Is the Jay turser beatle bass any good. My UNIVOX scroll headstock beatle bass has just gotten to old and lost it's sound
  2. Cogno

    Cogno Guest

    Jun 11, 2001
    I have two Brice Beatle basses from Rondo Music: http://www.rondomusic.bigstep.com/homepage.html;$sessionid$GG2323YAABUUCP5MFMOJPQR53QVSNPX0. I also have two Hofners, the Brices are very good and solid through the center of the body. I have heard tat these are made in the save factory that makes the Epiphone Viola bass. I wrote up a review on thier wbsite.
  3. DinoSco


    Mar 8, 2002
    Oakland, CA
    I've got a Rogue Violin Bass from Musicians Friend and put Pyramid flatwounds on it. Definitely has the Beatles vibe, and at 1/5 the price of Hofner. Check it out and check out the reviews at Harmony Central -- it's one of the highest-rated Beatle Bass clones out there. Great bass for the price.


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