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    Apr 24, 2000
    Puerto Rico
    Im currently saving up for a steady, long lasting bass. After playing around and fiddling in stores I've finally narrowed it down to three top choices: Rickenbaker 4003, MM Stingray and an Ibanez SR480. Ive played the SR and loved it, i also played the Ray, and i love it as well. Both I feel are very sturdy versatile, and the necks are dreams. Like the ray cuz i like the treble and the fast actions, and the easy-to-find tones. theni tried the SR and even though its not a expensive bass it pleases me as well as the Ray. I talked to my friend/bass teacher and he says that i should try a RIC, since i like the punchy sound. does anybody own a RIC 4003, and tell me the specs? Are they any good for funk and slapping? Are they comfortable (they look funny...)?
    any information bout which one would last me the longest would also be very apreciated, also playing live and in studio.
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    I would pick a Stingray over a SR480 any day. Rics are great too, but you definitely need to play one first. The tone is kind of a love it or hate it thing.
  4. If your considering a stingray and a rickenbacker then some warwicks are also in your range. Warwicks are good for slap and have great tone. If youve never played one then you should.
  5. Mike


    Sep 7, 2000
    The Ray is much higher quality than the Ibanez. Ric's are often the first reccomandation by musicians who grew up in the 70's (nothing wrong with that) and aren't quite up to speed with the evolution of modern basses. They're nicely crafted but not for everyone (me included.) I would go for the Ray out of your 3 choices. There's nothing like that MM grunt. (I'm not saying this because my avatar is an MM. I sold that long ago.) ;)
  6. Hey Paleale, I more then likely wasn't even a :eek: sperm :eek: in the 70's, and I still think that Rics are freaking cool :cool: and thats just based on me playing around on them in a music store.. so there :D

    Uhh anyway, I agree, for funk/slap and the like, the Stringray is just too good.

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