Beware: Spray Paint Numbness

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  1. Like an idiot, I spary-painted a plastic shelf on Saturday. I went through three cans of spray paint. I didn't buy one of those thingies that you can put on the can to use instead of an index finger. Now the end of me index finger is still numb. My right forearm hurt for a while, too.

    Now I don't play professionally, but for those of you who do, be careful with spray cans. This might be just as important as any of the lessons I'm learning from my Hal Leonard Bass Instruction book.
  2. I'm halfway through the 6th can of primer on a bed project(got it free but the little princess likes Tinkerbell green, NOT red..). Got the little ghetto-spraygun dealio. Borrowed it from my redneck friend- he told me I'd be Picasso by the end of the day. :D
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    You're lucky your lungs aren't numb, too....gotta keep those fumes in mind!

    Seriously, ventilation is good. Those spray can triggers are very handy little items, too.
  5. I was in the back yard, so th eventilation was about as good as it was going to get. I'll use one of those trigger things if there is a next time.
  6. So after priming the bed frame, the little princess decides she wants it to be white, not Tinkerbell green. :eyebrow: Fine, go grab some white, start spewing- wait, the stupid trigger-thingie won't hardly, no absolutely won't push the button down on this Krylon crap, and it's spitting bad. :mad: OK fine- go down one more time, exchange it for good old Rustoleum. Only this stuff has the new, improved 'easy-touch' spray button; it's a little easier than a regular one, but still won't work w/the ghetto spray-trigger.
    My finger hurts...
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    I have never heard of someones finger going numb using spray paint.

  8. Go spray something that takes 5 or 6 cans & you'll understand. :)

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