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Bewitched by Barker! Perfect for the avant-garde, rock & jazz enthusiast!

Discussion in 'Barker Bass Forum' started by Mind Choir, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. :hyper:I cannot say enough about this bass (and I'm not being paid, folks). After years and years of searching, the Barker B1 is, truly, THE ONE!! While it makes for added visual appeal to one's live show (the slim body & gorgeous hand-finished wood grain), it proves especially stunning in the studio (I can't help but "dance" with mine both on stage & in the control room). The Barker's trademark deep sustain, warm tones, and lush harmonic nuances will win you over from the first time you plug that baby in! Lee Barker is a hero to bass players like me who were once sidelined by carpel tunnel & shoulder woes. I'm thankful for his foresight and his resulting innovation, the Barker Vertical Bass --- so much so, in fact, I can't stop talking about it among my bass-playing peers. My Barker B1 has proved to be a versatile instrument (yes, I even play it straddled across my lap sometimes) and it's fun to experiment with in the studio. For me, I like to tune a step down (DGCF) and use LaBella "Deep Talkin'" tapewounds, which further enhance the Barker experience. When I save up some money, I plan to get the fretless version because one Barker is simply never enough! (You've been forewarned. That is to say, you're bound to get bit by the blessed Barker Bug!) :bassist:Peace! -Anne Deck
  2. JKT


    Apr 30, 2007
    Buffalo NY
    Endorsing Artist: Barker Basses
    Welcome to the barker family! They truly are tone monsters. I've been dreaming lately of a white lined fretless B-1 :bassist:


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